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In analyzing the spine it is suggested that recognizing that the innate intelligence of the body makes the adjustment promotes sloppy or inaccurate analysis and thinking you as the D.C. makes the adjustment promotes more accurate analysis. Do you agree?

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  1. Richie Barone 01/06/2016, 5:44 pm:

    Only if you are sloppy and inaccurate in how you approach your work….of the adjustment. (and dare I say other areas of your Life) Glad I went to Sherman when I did!

  2. Straight DC 01/06/2016, 10:48 pm:

    It takes both to be true chiropractic. Be competent as if everything is up to you and believe at the same time that Innate Intelligence will adapt the force for use in the body.

  3. Bryson 01/14/2016, 7:32 pm:

    The more specific your adjustment, the more constructive force innate can use to correct the subluxation. A “sloppy” adjustment or a general manipulation may input a force that is not as constructive so the innate intelligence of the body would have to adapt to the “adjustment” as well as the subluxation.

    (It makes sense in my mind and I hope that I am communicating this thought clearly.)

  4. David Suskin 01/14/2016, 9:00 pm:

    Being that an external invasive force (EIF) is let’s say, an education applied universal force, ii still has to adapt it to become an innate force. These terms constructive and deconstructive would seem to be, metaphysical by their, let’s say source, applied intention and specificity in action. A constructive universal force takes place after the fact (The Adjustment), deeming how well ii used the forces applied. Specificity, logically, educatedly, would be what ii successfully utilized and adapted, maximally, expressing normality, allowing the fullest expression of ii.
    So I agree and perhaps specificity not only applies to line of drive at the correct place, and time, with the proper quantity,quality of force applied but also is perhaps one of the components of what BJ referred to as
    “That Something Extra”. I might be wrong (won’t be the first time)
    David Suskin takes 100 words that you Bryson said in 1 (constructive).
    Interesting, the motives and needs that surround peoples telling the story over and over. 😉
    It’s difficult to assess educatedly something that by logic alone is understood but can’t be measured directly, that being innate intelligence.

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