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One thing we can thank Obama for is a better understanding that public opinion means nothing. I guess his hope is that we will change and become a totally Marxist country and as a result public opinion will then remember him as a great president. (Do most communist countries’ public opinion think of Marx as a great leader?)
>With regard to our profession:
I don’t think or even dream about chiropractic changing the world’s public opinion regarding matters of life and health. They have and will probably always have (at least in my lifetime) an outside-in/therapeutic viewpoint. We can only endeavor to change the thinking of those few people who can see the superiority of an ADIO world and life viewpoint and then experience the benefits of living that viewpoint.

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  1. Claude 01/18/2016, 11:05 pm:

    This fact was recognized over 100 years ago by D.D. himself… “Those who expect to put in a lifetime combating disease, fighting the entrance of disease, as though it was an enemy with hostile intent, should not learn Chiropractic. It is very difficult to turn a medical fighter into a peaceful Chiropractor.” D.D.Palmer D.C,

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