The Present Day Application of the Morikubo Case


I think most of us miss the significance of the Morikubo case occurring in 1906. It was more than the first chiropractor being exonerated in a court case in La Crosse Wisconsin. Originally, before BJ and attorney Tom Morris joined the defense of the Japanese American graduate of PSC, he was being charged with practicing medicine and osteopathy without a license. Eventually the case by the authorities dropped the “medicine” part of the charges because he was not prescribing drugs. The charge was reduced to practicing osteopathy. I think that is significant. Apparently the medical profession and those instigating the charges did not really understand what was happening. They must have thought that the practice of medicine was just in prescribing pharmaceuticals. Osteopaths at that time were apparently not using drugs. They were looking to treat disease by balancing the body’s ability (to treat disease) by natural means, primarily “manipulation of organs and joints”. What was the difference between chiropractic and osteopathy? Osteopathy was licensed and had prior rights. Clearly the court saw the difference. It was not a difference of technique or mode of practice. To a lay person, osteopathy and chiropractic would look similar. We are not privileged to the arguments or transcript of the case but it seems that the objective of chiropractic and the objective of osteopathic medicine were made clear to the jury. The methods of osteopathy and chiropractic were much closer than the methods of osteopathy and allopathic medicine. But it would appear the objective of osteopathy and medicine were much more similar than the objectives of osteopathy and chiropractic. Apparently methodology was not the issue that cleared the chiropractor of the charges. As Dr, Gelardi has said, when two groups have the same objective, eventually the procedures will become more and more similar as they endeavor to find the most efficient and effective way of accomplishing their objective. Today you would see an osteopathic physician and unless seeing his or her license on the wall and knowing the school from which they graduated would not know the difference in their practice procedures. Is that the fate of the chiropractic profession? What did osteopathy lose? What did they willingly give up and will that be the same future for the chiropractic profession? The osteopaths gave up nothing because as with the practice of allopathic medicine, treating disease was always their objective. It’s not ours. The Morikubo case demonstrated that.

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  1. David Suskin 01/21/2016, 12:32 pm:

    It seems that when a chiropractor’s back is against the wall, his(hers) distinctive difference is, becomes more clear, at least to a defense attorney. We should all Think more like lawyers. Oy!

  2. Claude Lessard 01/21/2016, 12:50 pm:


    Thank you for this true historical observation. I is amazing to realize how many distractors (acceptance, prestige, recognition, power, money, etc…) are there to take us away from reality. How could we (all of us together) missed it for so many years??? It confirms that we do not think ourselves into a NEW way of living (acting), we somehow live (act) ourselves into a NEW way of thinking! I do not know HOW to express WHAT is truly happening… yet it IS HAPPENING. You, in this post is showing us the direction in which to move from an historical FACT that was missed completely until NOW! Only you know how many distractors you had to ignore in order to SEE what was so obvious. Again, it takes humility to hear the gentle whisper within the storm. –

    – This is what is EVOLUTIONARY! Your consciousness has developed as a result of your LIVING (acting) your truth. Other species do this all the time. It is EDUCATED intelligence WHO resists and insists with furious arrogance that IT knows what is real… all the while THINKING itself into a way of LIVING (ACTING) that is OIBU. It is humility that guided you to observe chiropractic history once again, an your insight comes as a result of many years of intense humble observation. –

    – This is what I learned from you, that as long as I continue to ACT as an OC, perhaps it will evolve my consciousness into humbly following the ADIO viewpoint into its final expression… which is, in chiropractic, the chiropractic objective. –

    – There is a sense in me that seems to know that I do not speak only for myself but countless individuals WHO feel the way I do about WHO you incessantly and consistently choose to BE. Once again, thank you JOSEPH B. STRAUSS, D.C. for being one WHO chooses to help us to continually maintain WHO we, daily, choose be… OBJECTIVE CHIROPRACTORS!!!

  3. David Suskin 01/21/2016, 4:00 pm:

    I agree with your laudatory comments regarding Joseph B. Strauss.
    May I just draw your focus to Joe’s stating:
    “Apparently methodology was not the issue that cleared the chiropractor of the charges”
    In his observation of the Medical/Osteopathic/Chiropractic distinctions,
    It was a savvy attorney, and perhaps judge and jury that defined “The Chiropractic Distinction”, at least as it would seem in this case, by from what I gather Joe’s comment is referencing.
    Perhaps Thinking IS at least on equal plane as Doing, when it comes to understanding and using the Law, and Laws whether they are man made or Authority (ADIO) made.

    • Joe Strauss 01/22/2016, 4:50 pm:

      David, some historians maintain that it was the thinking of Atty. Tom Morris that established the mechanism for this victorious court case. Morris never Gave an adjustment in his life. He was never doing but he was surely thinking.

  4. David Suskin 01/22/2016, 5:51 pm:

    That really is quite incredible.
    Of course, well probably, be didn’t understand or agree with the MP, philosophy, etc. but he sure new how to READ and INTERPRET,
    Motivated I’d imagine to Win the case.
    Well Joe it all goes to show you. We many times bring in other related skills or fields of knowledge, viewpoints that so often color what we look at allowing us to arrive at truths and falsehoods.
    I’ve stated this before. Someone like yourself, with your writing aptitudes, and your religious background have worked apparently well in your getting The Big ADIO Idea. Perhaps a bit of the humility that Claude spoke of.
    Again, that IS an interesting find. 😉

  5. Rich Story 01/25/2016, 3:14 am:

    We are and can only be what our brain thinks we are.

    • Joe Strauss 01/25/2016, 6:44 pm:

      I am and can only write and communicate what my computer thinks.

  6. Claude Lessard 01/26/2016, 2:47 pm:

    I am, before I can even think!!! This is ADIO at its best!!! My educated brain does NOT think for my “being” on its own. If it is me WHO chooses to let this happen, and I do quite often, it causes me to choose ONLY what is pleasing to my educated intelligence and not my “being”. My educated brain is an organ that my being uses to think with, the same way as Joseph chooses to use a computer to write and not a typewriter anymore. It is Tom Morris WHO chose to BE an attorney WHO chose to act, as a defense attorney the Morikubo case, in using his educated brain to think. His act was to defend chiropractic in a court of law, not to even give an adjustment in his life. He acted WHO he chose to BE…as an attorney. We act as WHO we choose to BE as objective chiropractors. A whole lot of thinking seems to be what keeps people from acting and stay on the fence or on the safe side of their own collective fears. It is said that courage is ACTING in the presence of your thinking that causes your fears. Courage is really acting yourself into a NEW way of thinking. The more some of your actions reflect ADIO, the more convinced of ADIO your thinking becomes. Your thinking can eventually transformed your worldview into ADIO. It’s really tough to do in our EDUCATED culture. –

    – I sure hope this makes sense to you all. It is so counter-intuitive in our educated OIBU worldview. To find out if ADIO is valid, then it is me WHO can ACT to choose “to do what is right not expedient and wash my mind of all compromise”… whether as an attorney, a writer, an artist, a minister, a carpenter, or an objective chiropractor.

    • David Suskin 02/03/2016, 11:04 pm:

      I greatly appreciate your directive to me in:
      ‘Claude 02/03/2016, 4:34 pm:
      One more time. Here we go…’
      To Act!
      I will say to you, One more time with reference to your above posting and pursuing my ardent question to you. When you say “I am, before I can even think!!! This is ADIO at its best!!! My educated brain does NOT think for my “being” on its own. If it is me WHO chooses to let this happen,”
      Please explain with reference to WHO, BE, ADIO, Educated, Free Will,
      Thought, Action, 33Ps, Chiropractic Philosophy, COTB
      Without condemnation. It’s very important, as something to understand, to study, to be able to explain to our PMs, to other Chiropractors, OIBUers.
      I am politely and respectfully asking 😉

      • Claude Lessard 02/04/2016, 4:07 pm:


        Your question is one of, what I call, personal searchings. I cannot do this for you. I can only point to you the fruits of my personal searchings. Again, I cannot do your searching. For 5 years this blog has provided mountains of information regarding educated intelligence, the educated brain and the educated mind. –

        – Educated brain functions as an ORGAN and it is part of the e/matter that makes up our bodies.. It is used by the innate intelligence of the body to adapt the body to its external environment (pri23). It also functions for our reason, our memory and our will. Therefore I am conscious of the world and of myself. The educated brain has limitation of e/matter (pri24). –

        – Then there is educated intelligence which is the capability of the educated brain to function. As an organ, the educated brain is complete at birth (100% if there is no defect). The educated intelligence is 0% at birth and will increase within LOM and its future perceptions in the forms of information it will receive. –

        – The term educated mind is the activity occurring in the educated brain. So, the educated brain is comprised of brain cells, the educated intelligence is the capability of those brain cells of function, and the educated mind is the actual functioning of the educated brain. The activity of the educated brain, which we call the educated mind, thinks thoughts. Those thoughts are called mental impulses for use in the body (pri23). Those mental impulses used by the educated brain are tinctured for use of so called voluntary ACTS. –

        – Also, every effect has a cause and every cause has effects (pri17). Universal intelligence is first cause of the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science. So, “a universal intelligence IS in all matter” (pri1). The verb IS, affirms and confirms that e/matter ALREADY exist! The existence of e/matter has a cause (pri17) that is beyond chiropractic. –

        – I am the observer of those principles and it me (my being) WHO chooses to use my educated brain to reason and use my free will to ACT in accepting the authority of the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science and was my mind of all compromises in practicing the chiropractic objective. The start point of chiropractic is the major premise and its end point is the chiropractic objective. –

        – David, none of this is new. It has been discussed over and over and over again in many past posts. It is you WHO can choose to do your personal homework by reading and studying (ACTING) what has been taught before. As you ACT, it might just transform your thinking. I cannot ACT for you. –

        • David Suskin 02/04/2016, 4:37 pm:

          Oh I understand! Emphatically. I respect Your analysis’s and wanted to further see where You placed let’s say, Awareness (who,be, etc.) in the scheme of things. I get you.
          When you said “The activity of the educated brain, which we call the educated mind, thinks thoughts. Those thoughts are called mental impulses for use in the body (pri23)”, Is this accurate? mental impulses? within the educated brain? I thought mental impulses comprised the innate brain (p23)?
          Kindly 😉

          • Claude 02/04/2016, 5:02 pm:

            Those mental impulses are called “second generation” mental impulse. They are tinctures for so called voluntary actions…. and I know you know that! 😉

  7. David Suskin 01/27/2016, 1:44 pm:

    In the scheme of the 33Ps, where does the “Am”, the “Be”, the “Who”, the one who takes Action Occur?
    (eg. Smile >> and you’ll find 1,000,000 things to smile about. Frown >> and you’ll find 1,000,000 things to frown about) Be Do Have, Act As If.
    Old Ideas, A New Foundation in it’s position, it’s control, it’s dominance within Educated Intelligence.

    • Claude 02/04/2016, 5:11 pm:

      Also, I’m not sure WHY you asked me where I “placed the WHO”? i made that crystal clear in past blogs… many times!!! 😉

  8. David Suskin 02/04/2016, 5:40 pm:

    Guess I need new glasses (LOM)
    What you have said (don’t have it in front of me) is that
    Of course I was referring to WHO in relationship to Educated Intelligence and Innate Intelligence.
    No where have I see a reference to as you call 2nd generation mental impulse. May I say that 2nd generation mental impulses, UNtinctured IS
    The WHO, in it’s purist, closest to Normal form?
    (be patient)

    • Claude 02/04/2016, 10:56 pm:

      David, it’s not about me being patient… It’s about WHO you choose to be… 😉

  9. David Suskin 02/05/2016, 12:13 am:


    • Joe Strauss 02/05/2016, 6:39 pm:

      Dr. Maurizio, I think Reggie believed that what we call OSC as taught at ADIO and SCSC was dying and that Spinology could replace it. He changed things around a little so as to keep Spinologists from being arrested for practicing chiropractic without a license. He gave it some religious overtones as a failsafe measure like George Shearer wanted to do in the early part of the last century for chiropractic. He also changed some terminology. It still may be used someday if and when chiropractic as we know it is outlawed. (I’m working on a novel presenting that fictional idea.) My next book The Rise and Fall of Pennsylvania College of Straight Chiropractic should be available in another week or so and explain some of the background for Reggie’s decision to begin Spinology. Rose’s comments give a good although somewhat different perspective. Spinology began circa 1980, 6 years before PCSC closed and 35 years before Sherman dropped “Straight”, so Reggie saw things that we have yet to see, admit, or grasp. Reggie, in getting back into chiropractic, abandoned Spinology although it is practiced in some manner in other countries and perhaps in the U.S. although I don’t know that for a fact (they pretty much stay under the radar) Why didn’t Spinology thrive in this country or anywhere else for that matter? We cannot ask Reggie. He’s no longer with us. I believe Reggie ultimately realized that in Spinology, he was just starting chiropractic all over again and it would suffer the same “mixing” of Spinology with the OIBU world and life viewpoint that chiropractic had experienced and was presently taking over the profession, the reason he left it. I think he believed that the nature of human beings was to mix and the best thing he could do was to teach those who already had some of the Big Idea. Otherwise he would would have to be the “Spinology Police” and his life was too short and there was too much ADIO and OSC to teach and present to chiropractors to be the world of Spinology’s policeman. That’s my opinion.

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