Medical v Chiropractic Education


To claim that a chiropractor is as well –trained or prepared in medical procedures without a medical school education would be as bad as allowing medical doctors the right to correct vertebral subluxations without the training to do so. People who would make such a claim are suggesting that the hours of uniquely chiropractic education (the philosophy, art, and much of the “chiropractic”science) is unnecessary.

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  1. Stan dezjot 01/26/2016, 6:39 pm:

    So True Joe. When I went to national from 1985-1988, they told us that our education was the same as Med school and we were PCPs. What a load of crap that is! Today, as practiced by most CCE schools (we know which are the exceptions), the medical educations are still not equivalent but the intention of that education is the same in both types of schools. The CCE model of chiropractic sees chiropractic adjustments as a means, no different than a pill or knife, to treat medical disease from an outside in approach. Disease not dis-ease. Same philosophy/intention as med school.

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