The Silent Majority


The “silent majority” appears to have originally referred to the billions of people who have lived but are no longer alive on the face of the earth, the silent majority are the dead! Today it usually refers to what the speaker/writer thinks are the majority of a group who never open their mouths and express their position, usually a position that the speaker holds to.
I tend to think that the majority of scientific minds, for various reasons, do not accept the theory of global warming. Only those who are swayed by idiots who have a financial gain (like Al Gore) speak up. Science never depends upon consensus. By its very nature scientific discovery is a breakthrough that the majority (consensus) do not hold to. That’s why they call it a discovery! Why the majority of scientists reject global warming but don’t speak up is a mystery to me. Perhaps it is to maintain their status in academia, fear of bucking the establishment, or whatever.

In chiropractic, I believe we have a silent majority. I think the majority of chiropractors would or do accept the basic tenets of chiropractic even if they never learned them in chiropractic college. They accept the concepts of a principle of organization which we call universal intelligence, a principle of active organization which we call innate intelligence, the idea that the body has the capability of healing itself. Yet they keep silent when those in our profession want to adopt a theory like the therapeutic model that has demonstrated for thousands of years that it does not restore life and health, this principle of active organization.

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  1. Straight DC 01/27/2016, 5:35 pm:

    I think what defines them more so is they keep silent about the basic tenets of chiropractic. In their minds they know the basic tenets to be true, but it is so much easier to practice in the therapeutic model (even though if you speak to them one-on-one they are all about the adjustment being the important thing), but in everyday practice it’s about doing anything and everything and not educating the practice member as to what chiropractic truly is.

    • Joe Strauss 01/29/2016, 3:37 pm:

      What did BJ say “Following the lines of least resistance is what make rivers and men crooked.”

  2. David Suskin 01/28/2016, 1:55 am:

    Does the Silent Majority frequent COTB?
    Speak up! I dare you!

    • Joe Strauss 01/29/2016, 3:58 pm:

      Apparently they do. While 100 to 200 people look at the blog every day, only 1 comments on 948 different posts (sometimes more than once on many of them).

      • Tom Gregory 01/30/2016, 2:33 am:


        • David Suskin 01/31/2016, 8:27 am:

          ‘There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.’ mt
          Have YOU truly said what you had to say?
          Think! Damit! rg

          • Joe Strauss 01/31/2016, 7:16 pm:

            David, Tom Gregory is probably the last person in the world that anyone needs to be quoting Reggie Gold to. Often “LOL” makes a statement louder than shouting

          • David Suskin 01/31/2016, 8:27 pm:

            So what exactly is Tom LOLing about.
            I think what you stated was something to cry about.
            Chiropractors so uninvolved.
            Unless everyone is SOOOO busy fulfilling the CO 😉

          • Joe Strauss 01/31/2016, 9:34 pm:

            David, Tom was probably laughing out loud at the historic/ironic definition of the silent majority, the stupidity of the scientific community and the chiropractic profession (and the incredulity of some). I often laugh instead of crying at the state of our profession and some of its members.

  3. David Suskin 01/29/2016, 4:56 pm:

    I wonder if this was a blog about Therapeutics, advice, usage, comments, tips, etc. would the silent majority be commenting or in discussion?
    – Chiropractic Inside The Box –

    • Joe Strauss 01/31/2016, 8:01 pm:

      David, there are probably many reasons:
      1. They think the post says it all and have nothing to add. (after all I’ve published 1496 posts and you’ve only found it necessary to comment on 951 of them.
      2. The posts make them think and often thinking is best done in silence.
      3. They think Joe Strauss is an idiot and not worth their time and breath. Perhaps they are really the majority.
      4. They are actually dead. I hope my posts did not cause or contribute to that.
      5. ?

  4. David Suskin 01/31/2016, 11:55 pm:

    1. >>lol>> I see. I see.
    Obviously I have not been in THE circle for long. To know who is who
    2. With regards to The Smile. First of all, in mankind The Smile would seem to be a global, universal expression, so as far as it being an educated int. aspect, I gotta think that smiling, like laughter is NOT a learned quality. Yes it can be faked, yes it can be controlled, like innate/educated breath holding, but.
    Look, let’s not get to hung up on a smile or something we do to express a feeling or understanding.
    The point is I’m not talking about reading someone else’s body language or educated int communication. I’m talking about YOU.
    I’m talking about ME. I’m talking about This WHO that Claude always talks about. this BE, this AM, that he references as coming before Educated Int.
    I might be speaking of 2 different things now. Let me re state.
    1. What do YOU Joe, think that Claude means when he says, it’s all about the WHO?
    2. Per The Smile. As a demonstration, an example. Put your hand on the corners of your mouth. Are they going up or down or neutral.
    I want you to hold them UP.
    An notice an immediate physical change in your state of mind.
    No push those corners down into a frown and notice.
    Also take notice of where they are (up down neutral), by default and how this fascial stance links to your (ones) perspective, your feelings, and also how perhaps resistant they are (the mouth corners), to change.
    Sorry I’m spending so much time on this perhaps trivial point. That’s the problem with blogs and writing. I could get my point across in 2 seconds, if knee to knee, toe to to (talking to or in person, etc. )
    We speak all the time about mental, intellectual, philosophical things like Principles, as you say. About ADIO and OIBU. Claude speaks of not thinking oneself into perception or living, but Acting, telling the story, ACTION. Faking it till you make it.
    Why is that?
    What is that?
    I’m saying it’s empirically demonstrated by my little experiment
    “The Smile”
    and I’m suggesting that what we think about, all the time, is what we react to, and in turn creates a smile, a frown, an emotional, gestural observable behavior that represents a particular viewpoint being Gotten, being understood, being agreed with.
    Well, my experience, and yes, it is my experience is that
    1. You can bypass the intellectual, Educated-mental part and go right to the ACTION, The Smile, something that personally reflects an
    INNATE STATE. That being, normalcy, freedom, autonomy, perfection.
    And perhaps MOST importantly, if one Does Not understand how Action, and body-mind things work, THERE WILL BE NO CHANGE.
    Once a mixer, always a mixer.
    Once a theological, guru new ager, always a spritualist.
    Unlearning is ever so hard.
    The Tinctures of Educated must be self observed, and realized.
    Yes I agree. Principles, study, need to change, all must be dealt with.
    ADIO might be truth and the story might have to be told over and over (action, going for it), but ACTION, how Free Will works, must be Lived and Learned about.
    Claude calls it Acting into a new way of living. Not Thinking oneself into a new way of living.
    That acting starts, first action, with up tone, some kind of fascial gesture.
    Guess I’m going to hear crickets now, or strong disagreement or ???
    Congruency means congruent thinking, congruent feeling, congruent acting, congruent body language, congruent speech,etc etc.

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