A Little Chiropractic History-part 2


In the early history of the profession, many medical doctors took a course in chiropractic since there were numerous chiropractic schools opening up. Some of these medical doctors turned chiropractor really believed that chiropractic was a superior means of correcting the cause of disease. Some thought that chiropractic would be a good adjunct to their medical practice and they wanted to incorporate it into their disease treating approach. A few of them truly understood the chiropractic objective and wanted to abandon the practice of medicine and embrace the philosophy of chiropractic. Laws were created to keep medical doctors from practicing chiropractic and chiropractors from practicing medicine. It is common knowledge that the primary procedure of a medical doctor is to come up with a differential diagnosis to determine which one of upwards of 2000+ known diseases it is. The chiropractor on the other hand addresses one problem the vertebral subluxation, interfering with neurological integrity as it relates to the spinal column. All of the 2000+ diseases also demand analysis (to determine the best and safest treatment, drugs, surgery, or leave it alone. So does vertebral subluxation demand analysis, to determine ASLA, ASRP, etc. All diseases necessitate diagnosis to differentiate which of the 2000+ it is. Since chiropractic addresses one entity, not even recognized among the 2000+ diseases, it does not.

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  1. william hollensed 02/01/2016, 4:32 pm:

    You are correct sir. The other sad element in our history are those who became chiropractors looking to get their foot in the door to treat disease. Saying correcting a subluxation can allow the body to heal from any condition sounds far fetched until you see it happen. Once a body heals there is also no diagnosis for normal.

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