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In the Roman Empire they had no problem with multiple religions and deities. You could have any religion you wanted as long as you also recognized the emperor as deity. That’s what got the Christians thrown to the lions. Their belief viewed that as blasphemy.
The therapeutic members of our profession, the CCE, allows you to do anything you want as long as you recognize the need to address it in light of a medical condition. That’s what gets the Objective Straight Chiropractor in trouble and got their school closed.

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  1. maurizio 02/05/2016, 4:52 am:

    With so many mixer schools I remember That reggie gold create Spinology. What do You think about Spinology.? It change anything? Why it didnt Work in your country? I Heard in europe is Still being teached…thank you!!

    • Rose Panico 02/05/2016, 5:45 am:

      I lived all this era of Chiropractic beginning to be threatened from the Pharmaceutical & the Insurance as well as the newly forming CCE. Reggie Gold was outcast for some time when He feared losing Chiropractic in its pure unadulterated form. He then argued Sherman needed to gather more colleges to stand as a force one voice, of all standing for the Principles of Pure chiropractic to combat the CCE theory that they had the majority that agreed with them to add all adjuncts to this profession. They tried desperately to get the ones making money in practices to begin donating to gather enough money to get more colleges & even help open another College. Sherman contacted Sid to join as one, he did not want the problem of fighting so He decided to drop Chiropractic from the school, & named it Life University, now He was safe. Many went over & supported Life being also safe & sent all students there starving out Sherman who went belly up opening trying as the lone warrior with Reggie to save Chiropractic. They lost it all to Sid’s joy now believing he saved Chiropractic as He added all the adjuncts to teach safely as a University making the big bucks but also has created the huge division in this profession for only one voice standing for Chiropractic. Sherman went in hock still not giving up without their last fight. They opened two more colleges one in Pennsylvania, & another in California to gain ground by proving he was not the only college with this Pure Chiropractic as D.D. claimed. Again no money came in from the field except the old timers that had been supporting the Sherman as much as they can even mortgaging their homes two & even three times to help. They went belly up in a few years leaving Sherman college alone. Reggie then fearing Sherman will also close, he decided to open the school & name it Spineology & cannot be touched. They were taught pure unadulterated Chiropractic as is should be & I know them all at that time while the school existed & they are the best adjusters, the best in knowing & following the principles to a T. I would sooner go to one of them nowadays with the many from all the other colleges that have added junk to their care. Yes it has survived in other countries because CCE has not touched them & they are removing the interferences very aptly & the best togglers in the world. I believe the only ones that know how today with the diversified neck jerking that so many I teach complain what they dislike & stopped going for care because of this neck twisting as they refer to it. I can write novels on this profession in only the past 62 years being an outsider inside this profession & all the errors made from 1968 & on.

      • Claude 02/05/2016, 3:47 pm:

        Dear Rose,

        May I humbly ask that you please, write something “daily” of what you know from your experience of the past 62 years. We, together without condemnation, we all, need to know our history from your point of view. Thank you.
        Claude Lessard

  2. Tom Gregory 02/06/2016, 2:25 pm:

    Joe mistakenly put his response to Maurizio under another thread.

    Rose, I second Claude’s request! The two times I visited with you at your home were filled with wall to wall history of our profession. Very few have experienced all that you have and those experiences need to written down and shared with others! 🙂

    Joe Strauss 02/05/2016, 6:39 pm:
    Dr. Maurizio, I think Reggie believed that what we call OSC as taught at ADIO and SCSC was dying and that Spinology could replace it. He changed things around a little so as to keep Spinologists from being arrested for practicing chiropractic without a license. He gave it some religious overtones as a failsafe measure like George Shearer wanted to do in the early part of the last century for chiropractic. He also changed some terminology. It still may be used someday if and when chiropractic as we know it is outlawed. (I’m working on a novel presenting that fictional idea.) My next book The Rise and Fall of Pennsylvania College of Straight Chiropractic should be available in another week or so and explain some of the background for Reggie’s decision to begin Spinology. Rose’s comments give a good although somewhat different perspective. Spinology began circa 1980, 6 years before PCSC closed and 35 years before Sherman dropped “Straight”, so Reggie saw things that we have yet to see, admit, or grasp. Reggie, in getting back into chiropractic, abandoned Spinology although it is practiced in some manner in other countries and perhaps in the U.S. although I don’t know that for a fact (they pretty much stay under the radar) Why didn’t Spinology thrive in this country or anywhere else for that matter? We cannot ask Reggie. He’s no longer with us. I believe Reggie ultimately realized that in Spinology, he was just starting chiropractic all over again and it would suffer the same “mixing” of Spinology with the OIBU world and life viewpoint that chiropractic had experienced and was presently taking over the profession, the reason he left it. I think he believed that the nature of human beings was to mix and the best thing he could do was to teach those who already had some of the Big Idea. Otherwise he would would have to be the “Spinology Police” and his life was too short and there was too much ADIO and OSC to teach and present to chiropractors to be the world of Spinology’s policeman. That’s my opinion.

    • Joe Strauss 02/06/2016, 3:25 pm:

      Thanks Tom,
      I’ll be 71 next month so you can write it off to a forgetful old man. I’ve never done that before so it must be my age. Thanks for checking my “SLIPPING”

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