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On two occasions I have had the opportunity to speak on the subject of diagnosis at CCE colleges and that served to add to my list of school campuses on which I am not allowed. I think on my curriculum vitae(cv) under the “honors received” section I should list those chiropractic colleges where I am not allowed on campus. I consider that a badge of honor. There are two anecdotes from those speaking engagements. The first was at_____________. The diagnosis instructor was bragging that the school is allowed to send its two best students to do rounds at a local hospital. I said “gee, I would imagine that you would want to send your two worst students. They could profit more and use that educational experience/training.” Needless to say that did not go over well. The second school which shall also remain nameless, my Alma Mater, has moved twice and changed their name once (does that indicate their desire to not to be associated with me?) This time it was after speaking to a class on diagnosis. A student came up to me and told me she had diagnosed a cancer on x-ray, one that a medical doctor had missed. I asked her whether she thought that was because of greater skill or dumb luck. (I think that may have offended her). But recently I’ve given it more consideration and although I still don’t put much stock in anecdotal stories, it has raised another thought in my mind. It indicates just how poor the average physician is in the area of diagnosis. I’ve heard statistics saying that md’s are incorrect X% of the time which is not my criticism, although others tend to use it as such. “If they’re wrong that much of the time, we might as well do it, can we be any worse!?” That seems to be the CCE position. Well, the answer to that question is “yes we can!” We would have to increase our education as well as our training in a hospital internship (2 years of 60-70 hours a week if television sitcoms are correct). If we expand our chiropractic education in that area we can expect to be just as incompetent as the average m.d. Now that’s a goal to strive for! On the other hand, if our mandated CCE education is as long and extensive as it already is and we just increase it to cover those subjects, how long will our program be. How much longer still, when we begin to add pharmacology to the chiropractic curriculum? “Come to XYZ college, be a chiropractor, spend a million dollars for your education, and have to spend the next 30 years going to school.” Now there’s a chiropractic college recruitment incentive!

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  1. robert frey 02/17/2016, 9:41 am:

    Hello Doctor
    I asked you on face book if i can translate your book Chiropractic philosophy . I don’t know if yougot the message i hope you will get this one .Please give me an answer french students need and are hungry about philosophy since they get very little in college. Thanks. Chiropracticaly yours
    Robert Frey Dc
    France Perpignan

    • Joe Strauss 02/17/2016, 6:49 pm:

      Robert, I don’t get on Facebook very often. I apologize for not answering your request. I don’t believe anyone has asked to translate Chiropractic Philosophy. You are welcome to translate the book. I would hope that meanwhile you can contribute to this blog, perhaps asking some off the questions that the students have.

      • Claude Lessard 02/21/2016, 5:59 pm:


        Regarding your not being allowed on campus of CCE colleges to bring the philosophy to their students, it is a sad commentary that their students are robbed of their freedom to choose HOW to pursue their chiropractic career. By the time they may be in a position to be exposed to our message, they will have been STRONGLY validated in their already indoctrinated medical thinking and their OIBU worldview. –

        The British-American author D. H. Lawrence said, “The world fears a new experience more than it fears anything. Because a new experience displaces so many old experiences.” New ideas are not a problem. The world “can pigeon-hole any idea,” Lawrence said, “but it can’t pigeon-hole a real new experience.” These students WHO can no longer be taught chiropractic philosophy by you, are controlled by the CCE to prevent them a NEW possibility of choice that could lead them to a true inner experience and could transform their lives. A true inner experience changes us, and human beings do not like to change. –

        – Chiropractic’s basic science, with its logical and sound principles, is inviting us into a NEW experience, a NEW way of seeing, to invent a NEW possibility for ourselves and our lives. Evolved human consciousness seems to be more ready to accept this NEW invitation, but have no doubt, this NEW possibility is a major paradigm shift, and there will always be “an equal and opposite reaction” and resistance to such things as the chiropractic objective, ADIO, simplicity, and inclusivity. It is one more reason to carry on… it is as simple as that!” –

        A major problem is that chiropractors and the profession have presented chiropractic as a collection of mental ideas about which we can be right or wrong. This traps us in a di-psycho and argumentative mind, which is a pretty pathetic pathway to a great truth. Many people don’t expect from chiropractic anything good or anything really new. So we first of all need mature chiropractors WHO can choose to read the “green books”, the “blue books” and Reggie’s “Triune of Life” with wider eyes, and not just chiropractors WHO want to choose quick and easy answers by which they can affirm their ideas and self-made identities. –

        – The 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science and the marvelous anthology of books and articles presenting the philosophy of chiropractic is for the sake of EVERYONE living on our planet. Chiropractic is about our transformation into WHO we were meant to be, free of VS, and not about mere intellectual assurance or egotistical coziness. It is more a revolution in consciousness than a business model for the buying and selling of chiropractic as a consumer product… even though, we all need to make a living and invent a life for ourselves.

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