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Chiropractic is based upon the principle that the body has an inborn, living matter-organizing mechanism. It has been around since the beginning of creation. The principle that chiropractic corrects spinal interference to the expression of that mechanism was around just as long. The discovery of that principle by man apparently did not occur until 1895.

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  1. Claude Lessard 02/24/2016, 12:21 pm:

    Let’s suppose you were present at DD and Harvey Lillard’s encounter on September 18,1895. What would you say happened to Harvey that day, with our knowledge of chiropractic today?

    • Joe Strauss 02/24/2016, 2:16 pm:

      I believe because of what was known then, we would all believe what DD believed (providing the historical events have been portrayed/handed down accurately). If we all knew what is known now we would would all believe it was something else. I think your question is a good one, meant to reveal the various perceptions of “our knowledge of chiropractic today?”

      • Claude 02/24/2016, 3:49 pm:


  2. Rich Story 03/01/2016, 1:43 pm:

    Ever think that story was embellished, or maybe totally bogus?

    • Joe Strauss 03/01/2016, 4:59 pm:

      Sure, I THINK ABOUT THAT ALL THE TIME. Perhaps it was partially both. We do know that DD did something on September 18, 1895 or whenever it was. Contained within that action was a principle or principles which he did not fully understand then, never fully understood it and we probably have yet to fully understand. BJ grasped it more than did “Old Dad Chiro.” Hopefully we know a little bit more (having the benefit of both men’s limited understanding). We know that:
      1. The nerve system is responsible for proper body function (proved long before DD Palmer)
      2. Interference in the nerve system interferes with that proper body function (beheading fully, paralysis partially).
      3. Restoration of nerve function may improve proper body function (okay, not in the case of beheading) but the body does work better with a good nerve supply perhaps not always demonstrably.
      4. Perhaps that improvement of function is demonstrable in some cases (not as many as some of us would like, but that is up to the limitations of the body, and time neither of which we can control, hence not part of our or any doctor’s objective.)
      5. Bones (including vertebral) do move.
      6. That movement may or may not demonstrate the alleviation of a condition or symptom (in the case of the above incident, 2 witnesses Palmer and Lillard testified that it did), millions have testified as such since then with regard to many conditions.

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