Our Objective-disease or DIS-EASE


So many are abandoning the correction of vertebral subluxation, that while many chiropractors say they are still into vertebral subluxation correction I think we now have to make it clear why we correct them. The CCE model claims to leave that up to the individual chiropractor to decide (although apparently an undiagnosed person without any symptoms does not qualify for chiropractic care by CCE standards). The chiropractor can assuage his guilt by pretending it is for some more noble purpose than to get sick people well or treat their symptoms but if that is their (the CCE’s) ultimate desire and what we are being moved toward by their educational model, to assume the medical one, the correction of the cause of, not DIS-EASE, but a disease. The medical profession does not recognize the 4th component, the metaphysical component of the VS. That creates for chiropractic a unique non-duplicative niche but it also prevents us from being part of the medical fraternity.

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  1. Don 03/15/2016, 2:09 pm:

    Dr. Strauss and all,
    Great post. I’m glad I caught this one.

    From my limited understanding the CCE is an organization for regulating education.
    If it becomes mandated (by local and national scope governing bodies) that ALL services rendered by a licensed chiropractor must be done with a diagnosis, what and how will the non-therapeutic chiropractor practice legally?

    • Joe Strauss 03/16/2016, 1:55 pm:

      Don, good to hear from you. I am writing a new book (my second attempt at a novel) talking about a future when your exact scenario comes about. Presently, their (the CCE) hope is that all student/graduates will practice that way and that all us non-therapeutic chiropractors will (literally) die off. As you know the truth can never be totally eradicated. My futuristic novel is about that group of young chiropractors who remain in the truth.

      • Claude Lessard 03/17/2016, 11:11 am:

        Don, live the question! You will be lead to a place you’d rather NOT go… if you do. The answer is ALWAYS contained within the question!
        Carry on… ADIO… 😉

  2. Don 03/17/2016, 9:18 pm:

    Dr. Strauss and Lessard,

    From what I understand of the situation, it would seem that currently (2016) the authority of what is allowed under the licence of chiropractic practice lies with the local and national scope governing bodies. It is not the mandate of the CCE to determine scope of practice regulations. This may change down the road or it may not. I do not know and cannot predict.

    I can infer from this situation that the individuals making up those organizations and the larger community of stakeholders (i.e. practicing and involved chiropractors) either intentionally or passively determine the direction of scope and regulation of chiropractic practice.

    I suppose it is possible, after several generations of therapeutic aligned chiropractic graduates are produced under the direction of the CCE guidelines there may be less non-therapeutic minded individuals in those scope defining government positions.

    What impact will this have on non-therapeutic chiropractic practice in the future?
    How will that look like once measures are put in place that mandate diagnosis across the board for all practicing regardless of practice beliefs?
    How will non-therapeutic chiropractors address the concerns of the regulations set in place while maintaining the principles of NTOSC?
    How will therapeutic objective practitioners continue to celebrate and respect the diversity within the profession?
    How will therapeutic objective practitioners advocate patient CHOICE once NTOSC is proven to hold no increased relative risk to patient safety and care when compared to alternatives?

    IMO, these are tough questions and may require reflection for all parties involved.

    • Don 03/17/2016, 9:19 pm:

      Thank you and congrats on the new novel!

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