Making Chiropractic Relevant


In order to make chiropractic relevant we must:
1. Abandon oppositionalism (toward medicine). That mindset, which unfortunately, BJ gave us, has and continues to hurt us. I think BJ actually believed that chiropractic was so reasonable and made so much sense that the practice of medicine would just naturally fall by the wayside when people understood and embraced chiropractic. It has not worked out that way for whatever reason(s). To make chiropractic relevant we must take into consideration the perception of the role and value of the practice of medicine by the general public. Traditional chiropractic has not. Broad scope chiropractic has and wants to emulate it, in order to achieve a purpose for which chiropractic was not intended. Objective chiropractic does understand medicine’s role and value but wants to professionally have nothing to do with it.
2. Abandon anti-intellectualism. Traditional chiropractic has not. Broad scope chiropractic is pseudo-intellectualism. We must become intellectual in our own field (especially in the colleges). Incorporating medical practice and procedures is not the answer. It is just pseudo-intellectualism and our attempt at appropriating medicine will be recognized as such by the scientific community and the public.
3. We need to get into the world with our message. Unfortunately our ADIO world and life view point is in conflict with most of the thinking of the scientific and medical world because their world and life viewpoint is wrong. We can only hope to reach those who have or are willing to develop an ADIO world and life viewpoint.

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  1. Rose Panico 03/21/2016, 4:13 pm:

    I love you greatly Joe for being my mentor among many old timers that have taught me so much. I have never agreed totally with anyone in my life as I have with all your thoughts. I definitely feel today’s D.C’s have been concentrating totally on the Vehicle we call body. Even in educating their Patients I hear them concentrating in explaining, we are Physical, Emotion, Chemical (PEC) underestimating their intelligence as I was taught, we are Physical, Vitalistic & Spiritualistic. This has been the biggest problem in their staunch belief of mixing Religion with Chiropractic. God is not a religion. It was coined my religious leaders with their twisted teachings from An Abundant loving God to an angry, God, to control minds as the Pharmaceutical Co.’s & politicians, insurance man made laws do. Are we also doing the same by never allowing the masses to Unite to God by replacing the crutches from the medical & applying ours, by telling them they need life care?

    • Joe Strauss 03/22/2016, 8:07 pm:

      Thanks Rose, even if you have to remind me that I am an “old-timer. I think you hit the nail on the head with your Physical, Vitalistic and Spiritualistic phrase. Too many chiropractors don’t know where the physical ends and the vitalistic begins or where the vitalistic ends and the spiritualistic begins. Reggie was the best at making and keeping those areas separate.

    • Claude 03/29/2016, 11:04 pm:


      Thank you for your honest text. We go a long way together, Rose, as far back as 1976/1977, when I was doing my internship at Bob and Stanley’s office on Flatbush Avenue when you were their front desk C.A. I do not know of any “layperson” WHO has chosen to delve, as deeply as you, into chiropractic philosophy as you are doing. Your love for chiropracTIC and chiropracTORS is very humbling. –

      – Your last sentence “Are we also doing the same by never allowing the masses to Unite to God by replacing the crutches from the medical & applying ours, by telling them they need life care?” This sentence is NOT congruent with the chiropractic objective. The chiropractic objective is NOT to allow “the masses to Unite to God”. The chiropractic objective is to: LACVS for a full expression of the innate FORCES of the innate intelligence of the body. PERIOD. Whatever happens after LACVS is NOT the domain of chiropractic. EVERYONE need chiropractic care since EVERYONE need a nerve supply WITHOUT vertebral subluxation (pri28,29,30,31) in order for their body to function normally (pri27). –

      – Lifetime chiropractic care is the right thing to do, as lifetime hygiene care is the right thing to do. NEITHER deal with “… allowing the masses to Unite to God by replacing the crutches from the medical & applying ours, by telling them they need life care” –

      – Chiropractic is SEPARATE and DISTINCT from EVERYTHING ELSE and is INCLUSIVE of EVERYONE regardless of creed, culture, education, health status, financial abilities, political affiliation, etc… It is PRECISELY due to this UNIQUENESS of chiropractic that lifetime chiropractic care can NEVER be a crutch to anyone! 😉

      – Carry on… ADIO

  2. Straight DC 03/21/2016, 6:46 pm:

    Joe, your words, “We can only hope to reach those who have or are willing to develop an ADIO world and life viewpoint” have somewhat of a negative ring to them. We never know how far reaching (or not reaching at all) our words or actions may have on any one person. And to be totally honest it’s not for us to decide how a person wil or won’t accept the BIG IDEA. But if we have this negative block in our minds that “so and so” does not have the ADIO world life & viewpoint so they won’t get the truth about chiropractic is a defeatist way of spreading the message. We just don’t know who will get it and who won’t so all we can do is live it, speak it, breathe it and watch what happens. Just like we watch what happens after releasing the subluxation.

    • Joe Strauss 03/22/2016, 7:53 pm:

      Dear Straight, some (like you)see me as being pessimistic, some see me as optimistic. I think of myself as a realist. BJ thought that explaining the big idea and adjusting their subluxations, people would get chiropractic supernaturally or by osmosis. It has not worked. Much of our chiropractic problems lies with the fact that we are willing to allow people to decide how they want to accept chiropractic and most want to accept it in an outside-in model….and we let them. That’s why chiropractic has been watered down to the point it is today. In a way I admire those who say “If you don’t accept chiropractic in my(ADIO) model don’t come back, it’s not a giant aspirin” I always felt that until I was sure I explained it in a way everyone could understand, I couldn’t throw them out. Needless to say, I am still not there yet. I am still trying to develop ways of saying it in a physical, vitalistic way without getting into the spiritual realm, not that there is anything wrong with discussing spiritual things…it’s just not chiropractic. We cannot make judgments about people. I learned that years ago. Some I thought did not get it turned out to be great, faithful, lifetime practice members. Others who seemed to get the big idea on the first visit, never came back. I think we need to be careful not to judge one way or another, just, talk, teach and live an ADIO life and not worry about being a “negative block”(head) or irrational optimist.. I like your last sentence… However at a certain point we need to stop watching and say… “next!”

  3. Scott Bjerkness 03/22/2016, 3:43 am:

    I am reading about Reggie Gold (thanks, Joe) and am intrigued in his ability to logically convince and simplify the message socratically and with analogies. May we yearn and strive for such caring and focused communication.

    • Joe Strauss 03/22/2016, 8:26 pm:

      Scott, Reggie had a unique ability to give us what we needed but in a palatable manner (and it was not just the English accent). I think one of the sad things about Reggie’s message was that the simple aspect of it was so necessary and needed to be constantly repeated, we rarely got a glimpse into the depth of his chiropractic mind. Irene gave us many of his old radio programs (early 70’s) on reel-to reel tape which we plan on putting on the internet but since they were for the lay public even they do not plumb the depths of his chiropractic philosophy.

  4. Scott Bjerkness 03/23/2016, 2:36 am:

    I get what youre saying, we can guess and you have seen some of the depth, as in the Triune of life at the end of your book. I saw him in new beginnings for the first time about 5 years ago and was just kinda put off by him and his cussing and saying God had nothing to do with what we were talking about in philosophy. Now I get it and agree with you that spiritually is worth talking about but its not chiropractic. Im still trying to put this all together and am going all in as an objective straight chiro now that is first a Christian. Coming from a waivering mixer/TSC standpoint in my first 17.5 years of practice, its fun to learn this history and philosophy and I’m excited (once again) and need the growing input!

    • Tom Gregory 03/24/2016, 2:00 pm:

      Scott, if you don’t already have these, they are invaluable to the NTOSCor, particularly album #1, The Philosophy.

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