If you want to be healthy, choose your grandparents wisely- Reggie Gold

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  1. RJ Faunce 04/01/2016, 1:59 pm:

    It is nearly impossible to underestimate the insignificance of most things!

    • Joe Strauss 04/02/2016, 2:08 pm:

      Rick,first welcome to he blog and thank you for your comment. I think Reggie was using a little known Greek debater’s technique, the 4th class condition, “I wish you could but you cannot.” (although he probably did not realize it as such.) As you put it so succinctly, the absurdity of being able to choose our grandparents wisely means the only thing we can do is that which we have control over, our volitional choices. We can choose to eat good food, exercise, get the proper rest and get our spine checked for nerve interference due to vertebral subluxation (the chiropractor’s role). We cannot change hereditary factors, what our grandparents gave us. We can only use our volition (free will) to affect our lives in ways we are able to. Good comment.

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