Chiropractic Terrorism


The communist goal of world conquest probably will not overcome us with blatant force (thanks to the 2nd amendment, our military  and “mutual assured destruction”) without insurmountable damage to themselves. Others they could and  did overcome (Ukraine and China). Marx tried to do it in Europe and failed but succeeded in backward countries  (Russia) and parts of Eastern Europe. They tried in the western hemisphere with Cuba and some South American countries but miscalculated, Kennedy seeng through their plan and trying to stop them (Bay of Pigs and Cuban Missiles Crisis). But the communists decided they could conquer us, surreptitiously by:

  1. Destroying our economy.
  2. Undermining our form of government.
  3. Masking communism under the guise of socialism.
  4. Hide socialism under the idea of the greatest good for the greatest number.
  5. Destroy the middle class so there is only the poor and the rich and the begin a class war.
  6. Focus on equality as if that was a desirable thing.
  7. Take advantage of the altruism, generosity and peace loving aspects of the U.S. which they see as a weakness.
  8. The bottom line is that communism like terrorism’s strategy is to intimidate those that they can and to destroy those that they cannot intimidate.


However this article is not about world politics but about chiropractic. Who are the terrorists in chiropractic? They are the people who cannot win the battle for control of chiropractic in the arena of ideas. They have made great strides but always fall far  short. The logic and the soundness of true chiropractic cannot be drowned out. So they have resorted to the tactics of terrorism. It is no secret that  their approach has been to threaten and coerce those who would oppose them for one reason or another. Like the Islamic terrorists they want the world to believe that their approach is best for the chiropractic profession. No discussion, no debate, no freedom of choice in order to follow their conscience, to practice chiropractic as they believe. Just force. They give us the argument, “it is for our own good.” They point out the advantage; greater prestige and acceptance. True, they admit, some of their requirements  are stringent and might not be liked by everyone just like the women in Middle Eastern countries who do not like the idea of being treated like chattel would oppose the oppression of women. But it is for their own good they tell us. Actually they tell that to all of us and expect us to believe and accept it. Most of our chiropractic colleges accepted that terrorism with the excuse “it’s the only game in town.” We are expected to live with it. A few refused to be coerced and fought back against the terrorism. But those who had succumbed to the terroristic  threats stood by and watched the resistance be destroyed and lifted not a finger to help or even object. They will not stop until they have destroyed all opposition and brought the rest under their control. The time is growing shorter. The barbarians are at the gate. Wearing white coats does not hide the blood on their hands. Any chiropractor who has graduated from a chiropractic school in the last 20 years does not even know the history of this terrorism. Any student who is in school now does not even understand the history of chiropractic terrorism. They  believe the lie just like the Chinese believed the communists who came to China and told the American missionaries that they would close the brothels and opium dens. The missionaries said “that sounds good.” Little did they realize that after the brothels and opium dens, the communists would come for them next. Sure you can practice chiropractic just as long as you establish a medical justification for it. The last step is to make the adjustment a  medical procedure. “We have met the enemy and he is us”-Pogo

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  1. Scott Bjerkness 04/07/2016, 1:29 pm:

    You are right about not knowing the battle. I had no idea until I have started reading lately from your books, the battle that has gone on and continues to rage. I went to a chiropractic college when it was still called chiropractic but wasnt really chiropractic from 1993-97, I had heard of Sherman, not heard of Penn Straight and went to chiro college based on proximity. I had a couple friends that transferred to Sherman and one later became the President. I applied to Sherman to teach and didnt get hired in about 2003 probably cuz they could tell i was in mid life crisis and failing in a therapeutic practice. So lets do what we can in educating ourselves and other chiros and getting together in person or through computer lines and sattelites to perpetuate the the OSC movement. What do you believe is our mode of lasting through the “chiropractic communism”?

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