In the past 2 weeks I have lost two friends and great chiropractors,
Dan Kuhn from California was a dedicated chiropractor. He had a successful practice but was best known for his leadership in the Southern California College of Chiropractic and his service to SCASA where I first got to meet him. He was a gentleman and in every sense of the word, a professional.
Joe Accurso was a leader in the chiropractic profession in the state of Florida but is best known for his 47 years of successful practice in Miami. He was always a source of encouragement to me in our infrequent meetings and his periodic notes and letters were always meaningful.
I and the rest of the straight profession will remember them and their contribution to chiropractic.
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  1. Joe D. 04/07/2016, 4:42 pm:

    Amen, about both. Much too young losses.

  2. KAD, D.C. 04/07/2016, 9:58 pm:

    Thank you for sharing Joe, our loss is God’s gain. Their lives are an inspiration to those of us who have not yet practiced that long, may the peace that passes all understanding find it’s way to the hearts & minds of their family & friends.

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