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False concepts often work their way into truth surreptitiously as clearly concocted myths as the Apostle Peter calls them in 2 Peter 1:16 (literal Greek translation). Myths that are intended to draw you away from the truth. It is usually based on some truth or fact. I will not go into the Biblical background of the passage but get right to the  application to our chiropractic philosophy.

BJ, in my opinion, used certain words and phrases that had a legitimate medical connotation to explain words that had a legitimate chiropractic connotation only their meaning was quite different and that difference was significant. For example, he used DIS-EASE meaning lack of ease or proper function (incoordination) to describe the effect of vertebral subluxation not disease, the medical term to describe a medical condition or its cause. The false philosophy that developed from this was that vertebral subluxation (VS) causes medical conditions or diseases. Yet in the 33 principles disease is never addressed, only the lack of proper function of the nerve system. It caused early chiropractors to mistakenly think that VS was the cause of all diseases and our medical critics to charge that we believed chiropractic was a cure-all. That led some to develop the idea that “chiropractic gets sick people well.” BJ even promoted the idea. However BJ maintained that “getting sick people well” began and ended with correcting VS (the chiropractic objective.) The false philosophy that developed was that correcting VS led to alleviation of a medical condition. Alleviation from a medical condition is not the result of correcting VS. It is the result of the body’s inborn healing mechanism (innate intelligence) restoring proper function with or without the correction of vertebral subluxation. It happens a little better without vertebral subluxation. But people before and after chiropractic was discovered were getting well of medical conditions and were never adjusted. Further, people after adjustments often do not get well. It is because for some reason, even with a restored nerve supply (assuming an adjustment truly had occurred) the innate intelligence of the body still could not heal that medical condition (limitations of matter). But that is not the objective of chiropractic. The objective ends with the correction of vertebral subluxation.

Believing myths is not just harmless fun or an alternative way of accepting the existence of Italians. There are legitimate historical facts that their nationality is based upon and its not the myths of the Greek or Roman gods of the Pantheon. Believing that the gods coming down  and visiting the Phrygians and creating of them the Roman people may have been believed by many of the citizens of Rome but it was a false philosophy. Apparently it got St. Peter angry. BJ never meant to conclude that chiropractic adjustments could cure medical conditions or their symptoms. After all at the end of his life he had a medical condition and it was treated medically.

Look what the false philosophy believed and practiced has led chiropractors to-ultimately adopting/ practicing, the medical objective and even calling it chiropractic. The problem with our profession today is that we have  more chiropractors believing the myths, the false philosophy than we have those who accept the logical, philosophically sound truth of the profession. Objective Straight Chiropractic is just “myth busting’, not following “clearly concocted myths” intended to disassociate you from the truth.

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  1. Nick Spano 04/18/2016, 1:32 pm:

    “Believing myths is not just harmless fun or an alternative way of accepting the existence of Italians.”

    LOL!! I’m wondering if this is a typo because I gotta tell you that for some odd reason I believe in the existence of Italians 🙂

  2. william hollensed 04/18/2016, 4:56 pm:

    we call them Myths to be polite but most times they are lies. The most believable lies always have truth plus error.

  3. Claude 04/19/2016, 12:27 am:

    Let us take a moment of silence to remember one of the greatest, Dr. Dick Plummer who passed away yesterday. RIP.

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