The first time a chiropractor said that “chiropractic gets sick people well” we missed the opportunity to explain our unique objective to the public and every time thereafter we supported and reinforced the misconception that chiropractic was just another therapeutic approach until now we apparently believe it ourselves.

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  1. KAD, D.C. 04/27/2016, 7:55 pm:

    Action often speak louder than words. Whether it was a chiropractor who first said those words or someone who was helped thru an adjustment, those words are a part of the history of the profession. Having been helped tremendously thru chiropractic care,I was curious enuf to invest my life in Chiropractic-it’s philosophy, science and art.

    Since I opened my practice in 1983, I have never used that quote, I have many times spoken to others about chiropractic in group & individual situations. Rather, I look for opportunities to share the wonders of chiropractic with others, & often there are misconceptions and or objections that have to be addressed / over come. You may apparently choose to believe it yourself, & I choose to honor & respect your choice- and just ask that you do the same to those of us who choose otherwise. The profession is still very young, & as I think it was Yogi Berra who said “It ain’t over, till it’s over”, it is plenty premature to give up on a profession that was birthed in1895. Thank you for your thots.

    • Joe Strauss 04/28/2016, 11:06 am:

      I’m sorry KAD, I read your comment last night (3x) and again this morning (2x) and read over my post again for probably the 10th time. It’s probably me and my advancing senility but I haven’t the slightest idea what your point is!

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