Stupid Statement #7 Seeing is Believing


There is a greater reality than empiricism. The reality of chiropractic has little to do with empirical knowledge, what we feel, see, or what people generally perceive as reality. It is not based upon experience although that is what most people base their reality upon. Every chiropractor who adjusts an asymptomatic person, infant,or an animal is acknowledging the truth that empiricism is not the reality of chiropractic. The chiropractor does it (hopefully) because of his/her love for a fellow human being but love is another non-empirical reality. The reality of chiropractic begins with the 33 principles. The first principle upon which the other 32 are deduced is not based upon empirical reality. You cannot see universal intelligence. True you can see the effects of it, organization in matter. You can see the coordinated effects of the body’s innate intelligence,even measure them but you cannot see innate intelligence. We can see and feel the misalignment of a vertebra, the first 3 components of a vertebral subluxation we cannot see feel or measure the 4th component, the interference with the mental impulse (as much as BJ wanted and tried to do it.) The best the Developer could do was observe empirical manifestations of that reality. Unfortunately, once we began to do that, most of our profession has confused empirical manifestations with our reality. That has been the greatest shortcoming of the chiropractic profession. On the other hand had we maintained that as our objective we would never have had the problem with the practice of medicine that is part of our history or the decision by most to emulate them. Think about it! Oh wait, thinking would necessitate using something other than empiricism.

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