Richard E. Plummer,D.C.


Last month, while on vacation, I lost another long-time close friend. Dick Plummer was a friend  since his chiropractor, a former classmate of mine, began taking him to Reggie Gold’s Saturday night gatherings in 1969. He eventually enrolled at Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic and I’m sure you know the rest of his history. Dick was a great spokesman for chiropractic and a tireless worker. But the thing that impressed me the most were two aspects of his delivery/practice of chiropractic. He taught and practiced animal adjusting and he had a large child/infant practice. What that says to all of us is that Dick was not concerned about “getting sick people well” but in correcting vertebral subluxations in animals, who are not even people and children/infants (while some in our profession apparently do not consider them people, most say they really are and need to have their spines checked!). But most infants and children, like animals do not have or at least do not complain about medical conditions.

The bottom line is that Dick’s practice objective was not about the presence or absence of medical conditions but the presence of vertebral subluxations that were interfering with the expression of the innate intelligence of a living organism. He chose to adjust 2 and 4 legged ones. If that is our objective, and Dick believed it was, then the adjusting of animals is just as valuable as adjusting people, whether they are small medium or large, cannot yet speak, or never will. That is the legacy that he left us. Thank you Dick.

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  1. Claude Lessard 05/18/2016, 11:16 am:

    Thank you Joseph for “looking” and “seeing” this legacy of Dick. It is a great insight for chiropractic posterity.

  2. Lisa Bleicher 05/20/2016, 5:32 pm:

    Thank you for sharing!!

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