Q&A #74 CCE,SCASA and History


It is interesting that in 1988, when Sherman and Penn Straight received equal (to the CCE) recognition by the U.S. Department of Education, due to the unexpected and unwelcomed, by the CCE, decision by the Secretary of Education William Bennet. At that time the president of National College was suggesting that it was perhaps time for duel accreditation. By 1992, just 4 years later despite the CCE’s recognition that some chiropractors “wish to be responsible only for locating and correcting vertebral subluxations”, they worked hard to defeat SCASA’s accrediting agency. They testified at the hearing that there was no need to have 2 accrediting agencies. What made them change their attitude from suggesting the need for duel accrediting agencies to a need for only one?

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  1. Claude 05/19/2016, 1:36 pm:

    For the CCE to have supreme power and monopoly to modify the chiropractic academic standards to be the same as medical academic standards in moving toward having the DC degree equivalent to the therapeutic DO and MD degrees. In other words, to COMPLETELY eliminate the non-therapeutic truth of chiropractic… and I repeat, in due time… COMPLETELY ELIMINATE THE NON-THERAPEUTIC TRUTH OF CHIROPRACTIC!!!.

    • william hollensed 05/20/2016, 1:49 am:

      When you do not believe the subluxation exists it is hard to conceive of correcting it. Janse and Faye pushed their agenda and unfortunately many thought they “had” to go therapeutic. Being an accredited institution of higher learning should only mean your courses have content and structure and not address content. I marvel everyday chiropractic has survived despite some chiropractors

  2. Joe D. 05/19/2016, 5:51 pm:

    They(CCE) were convinced that it was just a fluke for SCASA to be given recognition and it did not follow the “Master Plan”, which does exist as a written document BTW.

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