It seems to me that B.J. was unable to separate physical natural laws that are manifestations of universal and innate intelligence, man-made laws that are manifestations of man’s need to interact with his fellow man and spiritual laws which man needs  to interact with his Creator. B.J. combined them together, mixed them if you will, thus confusing the issues. Orthodox chiropractic separates them, the theologian recognizes them as all having been created by God.

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  1. Claude 06/02/2016, 1:20 pm:

    According to the authority of the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science, it is crystal clear that there are NO man made laws and NO spiritual laws involved in chiropractic. This is the uniqueness of the chiropractic objective that it is INCLUSIVE of EVERYONE (including pets) regardless of theology, creed, race, culture, health status, etc…

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