A person’s word is no stronger than that which is in his soul.

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  1. Claude 06/03/2016, 8:44 pm:

    I fail to see the connection of this quote to chiropractic philosophy, science and art. Please help me if you can.

  2. william hollensed 06/04/2016, 1:37 pm:

    The character of the person is grounded in his very being. Chiropractic was discovered and developed by men of flawed character. Despite many more noble supporters it has never gained the acceptance it deserves since many dwell on the faults of the founders. Think of how far chiropractic would have gone if started by stronger men. We are still struggling to extract the good and build on it to make this profession reach the level of acceptance it deserves. The word of chiropractic would be strong and powerful if it’s “soul” were purer. We can overcome if we are if we are men of character in our souls.

  3. Claude Lessard 06/04/2016, 9:21 pm:


    I don’t know anything purer than the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science. Do you?

  4. Claude Lessard 06/05/2016, 9:39 pm:

    It took 120years to “see” the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science as the ONLY authority of chiropractic. If chiropractors were to humble themselves, they would adopt a dedicated acceptance of their professional duty in life.

    • William Hollensed 06/07/2016, 8:37 pm:

      Stephensen’s character is unknown to me. It is a shame that many of those who understand them do make a greater effort to share and explain them

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