As A Man Thinketh


Your thought pattern is who you are. Your actions merely follow (as they should) your thought pattern.

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  1. Straight DC 06/24/2016, 4:20 pm:

    Claude, isn’t it you who say it the other way around – that you live your way into a new way of thinking???

    • Claude Lessard 06/24/2016, 6:11 pm:


      • Straight DC 06/24/2016, 9:47 pm:

        Life experience can teach us a lot if we take the time to learn from it but it seems that the more intelligent actions that we make come from “thinking it through” first before taking the action, so I have to agree with Joe.

        • Claude Lessard 06/25/2016, 11:37 am:

          The greatest ACT is COMPLETE absurdity (foolishness) to the thinking mind. Look around and tell me if your mind could have produced this ACT! πŸ˜‰

          • Straight DC 06/25/2016, 3:08 pm:

            No comprende – cannot follow what you just wrote.

          • Joe Strauss 06/29/2016, 1:06 am:

            That is the thinking of an atheist and I know you are not one of them.My mind could not produce that ACT but a MIND could and did.

        • Joe Strauss 06/29/2016, 1:02 am:

          Well said. Very thoughtful!

          • David Suskin 07/09/2016, 8:35 am:

            There is a difference between thinking, something educated does, what we do when we philosophize, problem solve, etc. AND thinking, something that universal or innate int. does, as in maintain existence thru intelligence expressed thru matter ui, or adapt those universal forces to allow all parts of an organism (alive), to have coordinated action for mutual benefit, fulfilling their offices and purposes, maintaining active organization, biologically alive and always Transforming.
            Then there is the THINKING of I’ll say A creator, that maintains P1 in existence (pardon my reaching before the bounds of NTOSC )
            That which initiates 1st cause and drives a purposeful Living Existence,
            Being aware, is understanding maximally the biggest picture, an ADIO viewpoint and operating, Living from that vantage point. Aware, humble and joyful.
            Creators mind reigns bigger than innate mind, bigger than educated mind.
            That is a Big Idea. And what follows in part are the 33Ps. That is awareness, thinking without interference, in joyfull, sometimes painful, transformation. A thought, outside the box

    • Joe Strauss 06/29/2016, 12:45 am:

      You must think before you can act. The educated body only follows the thought of the educated brain. They have institutions and medications for people who “live (their) way into a new way of thinking.”

      • David Suskin 06/29/2016, 8:46 am:

        Hi Joe,
        Nice to see your thoughts >> actions at work.
        I’m in total agreement with your rebuttal.
        And matter (emotions), shape the thought and thus
        The action.
        Eg. Yelling fire in a crowd of people.
        A thought might begin the process, but all bets are
        Off on what an emotional TINGING will lead to.
        There is Always an emotional undercurrent(educated and matter)
        In the end, it’s what a person feels or doesn’t feel
        That maneuvers the will, reason and action.
        Maybe the word, the subject of thought encompasses to huge a range
        of function to be limited to one word.
        Can thought exist without words? Of course.
        It happens every time an artist or athlete is in the zone.
        The subconscious (thots). Emotions certainly influence the outcome of performance. (Nervousness, confidence, etc. )
        Maybe Thot is a more accurate concept than the term Thought?
        ‘As a man Thoteth’

  2. David Suskin 06/24/2016, 6:44 pm:

    Can you ‘Live Your Way’ without thinking first?
    Can an action preceed a thought?

    What ADIO principle would this be?

    Be Do Have, Act as if, Tell the story over and over,
    WHO is doing the thinking?
    Can a thought preceed ‘free will’?

    Where does ‘As A Man Thinketh’ begin in relation to Chiropractic (33P’s)? Before? During After? πŸ˜‰

    If you change the thought, IF YOU CAN CHANGE THE THOUGHT – (NOT SEE EASY!!!!), you will change the action (cause and effect). If you change an action, you might change a thought that will change the next action.

    Got Chiropractic? πŸ˜‰

    • Claude Lessard 06/25/2016, 3:49 pm:


      How can you get to a different level of thinking for the solution of the problem that your original thoughts created? –

      – “A man’s got to know his limitations” and let go of his thought-process. He will surprise himself with the act that he has just performed. Then his way of thinking is transformed .

      • Claude Lessard 06/27/2016, 1:43 pm:

        Late September 1954, a young man walks the streets of NYC and comes across a sign: “Frank Peruso, Chiropractor”. Suffering from severe allergies and remembering his wife having read something about chiropractic and allergies, it is he WHO chooses to enter the office, NOT knowing WHY. This ACT of his, TRANSFORMS his thinking, his life and the practice of chiropractic. He was famous for saying, “Everything I am, everything I do, everything I have… I owe to chiropractic and if you’re not out there to change the world, everything else is Mickey Mouse”. –

        – November 1973, another young man, barely speaking English, walks on Broadway in NYC, after having dropped out of St John University in JamaΓ―ca, NY. Someone calls his name on the sidewalk. Both engaged in conversation and entered Columbia Institute of Chiropractic to meet, ninth quarter student, Irene Gold. NOT understanding why he made this choice, it nevertheless TRANSFORMS his thinking and his life. He is the one WHO chooses to say”, “You do NOT think your life into a new way of living, you LIVE your life into a NEW way of thinking”. –

        – I am convinced you have witnessed, at least, one silmilar story in your practice over the years. Am I right?

        • Straight DC 06/27/2016, 10:07 pm:

          There are many things we do each day without “pre-meditated” intentional thought. However, I believe most of us have some sort of basic philosophy of life that becomes the “rudder” for all of our actions and leads us to what we decide to do and not to do. So I still believe that the internal is what steers the external.

          • Claude Lessard 06/28/2016, 11:34 am:

            Righty so! “Once there was a fork on the road and it is me WHO chose the road less travelled” BY LETTING GO OF MY EDUCATED MIND with its already preconceived “rudder”… which totally affected by VS. –

            – Great reason to be an objective chiropractor don’t you THINK!!!

          • Joe Strauss 06/29/2016, 1:11 am:

            A choice connotes and is preceded by thought…unless it was done by the flip of a coin. But you have to first choose/think/decide to flip a coin.

          • Straight DC 06/28/2016, 6:54 pm:

            There was no “Reply” button on your comment of 6/28/16 11:34am but that is what I am responding to.

            Chiropractic’s statement: GET THE BIG IDEA – ALL ELSE FOLLOWS is an example to me of “thought” being first – then action.

    • Joe Strauss 06/29/2016, 1:00 am:

      Can you β€˜Live Your Way’ without thinking first? NO!
      Can an action preceed a thought?NO

      What ADIO principle would this be?none, it’s a combination of common sense and neurophysiology

      Be Do Have, Act as if, Tell the story over and over,
      WHO is doing the thinking?
      Can a thought preceed β€˜free will’? Free will connotes thought. It is free will, not FREE OF will. Robots do not think, someone has programmed their “thinking”/actions.

      Where does β€˜As A Man Thinketh’ begin in relation to Chiropractic (33P’s)? Before? During After? πŸ˜‰

      If you change the thought, IF YOU CAN CHANGE THE THOUGHT – (NOT SEE EASY!!!!), you will change the action (cause and effect). If you change an action, you might change a thought that will change the next action. Good observation

      Got Chiropractic? πŸ˜‰

  3. David Suskin 06/28/2016, 6:57 am:

    “As a man thinketh” is really referring to how does one
    Exercise their Free Will, with The ability to choose, and allow for growth, for Change.
    This involves stepping outside of one self if you will.
    It is educated modeled after an innate (27) principle.
    Experientially it feels foolish, frightening, foreign.
    It is a road less traveled. It involved Chance.
    The transformation happens in the Checking of the Slipping whether that is of action or of mental discipline and bravery.
    One needs to walk a big idea (principal) in spite of the voices speaking in the box one finds oneself.
    It takes guts, maturity, luck, experience, etc.
    I guess all these attributes make up part of in the least of what we calling

    • Claude Lessard 06/28/2016, 5:55 pm:


      YES! “It is the BIGGEST IDEA I know of.” –

      – “Choose what is right, not expedient and wash (let go of) your (educated) mind of ALL compromise” πŸ˜‰

      • Claude Lessard 06/29/2016, 10:38 pm:


        Merriam-Webster defines thinking as: the ACT of using your mind… Since it is an ACT, what comes before the ACT of thinking?

        • David Suskin 06/30/2016, 12:41 am:


        • Joe Strauss 07/01/2016, 11:50 am:

          Our frame of reference which includes our world and life viewpoint,ADIO or OIBU and previous understanding (thoughts,hopefully based upon an ADIO viewpoint.). As David says our emotions may also “tinge” those thoughts (good or bad,”all bets are off”-is there really a fire?)

        • Straight DC 07/01/2016, 10:31 pm:

          In my Mirrian-Webster it defines THINK as: 1) to form or have in the mind. 2) to have as an opinion:believe 3) to reflect on: ponder 4) to call to mind: remember 5) to devise by thinking 6) to form a mental picture of :imagine 7) reason

          Sounds more cerebral than physical to me.

          • Claude Lessard 07/02/2016, 12:01 pm:

            Cerebral is of the brain (Mirriam-Webster)… cerebral is an ACTivity of the brain which is physical is it not? πŸ˜‰

          • Straight DC 07/06/2016, 8:27 pm:

            In reply to “cerebral” being an action of the brain – you could bring it down to action in all matter between the atoms, electrons, etc. So there is action in all things at all times.

  4. Claude Lessard 06/30/2016, 8:27 pm:

    Yes, David, –

    – It is at principle #2 that chiropractic appropriates itself of the major premise which belongs to ALL of the universe. Universal intelligence maintaining universal life (existence) is that which is primary CAUSE in chiropractic. EVERYTHING else follows as effects from that cause. Therefore, concerning e/matter… it is existence, universal life, living… that provides the information necessary to TRANSFORM people’s thinking pattern. –

    – A chiropractor WHO practices the chiropractic objective, LACVS for a FULL expression of the innate FORCES of the innate intelligence of the body, PERIOD, and participates in in maintaining the integrity of the principle of coordination (32). –

  5. Claude Lessard 07/07/2016, 12:08 pm:


    Yes, your deduction is correct! “So there is action in all things at all times”. That is existence (pri2) and life (pri20). Existence and life, according to the authority of the 33 principle of chiropractic’s basic science, come BEFORE thinking thoughts. Our start point is the major premise (A universal intelligence IS…) which is appropriated by chiropractic with principle # 2 !!!! Therefore, I maintain that you LIVE yourself into a NEW way of thinking… you don’t think yourself into a NEW way of living. If you want to contest it, take it up with the 33 principles. πŸ˜‰ –

    – Remember that, according to Einstein, “any level of thinking will create a problem, the solution of which is found at a different level of thinking”. HOW will you get to that DIFFERENT level of thinking? By adding MORE thinking? How do you put out fire? By adding MORE fire? How do you stop a flood? By adding MORE water? Hmmm…

    • David Suskin 07/07/2016, 4:51 pm:

      Let’s assume that ‘LIVING Yourself into a NEW…’ is the bottom line. Personally my understanding is still not resolved with the apple/orange analysis I have posed comparing the lets say process of Living to Thinking, where the former is 33P wise, a relationship of the triune as defined by a p2, Thinking is something we speculate to coexist with or as something, perhaps =Force, in the Triune.
      I can Think actively, and thought occurs perhaps always, that frames our viewpoints and prowls the realms of consciousness and subconsciousness.
      Living one does not do, at the innate level. But when we say Live your Life, that references ones act of Will, of choice.
      Anyway suggest to me, to all of us, if you can what you mean by
      Living yourself to a New Level, and Do Not Think of a PINK Elephant 😏

      • Claude Lessard 07/07/2016, 8:19 pm:


        Re-read my post of 6/27/16 1:43pm. –

        – I’m sure that you’ve experienced “living yourself into a NEW way of thinking”. Ex: Someone is prejudiced again the medical profession. One day that person has a heart attack and is admitted (unconscious) through 911 at the hospital where his life is saved by surgery and medications. Living through these events TRANSFORM his thinking and he now “THINKS” that medical care has ancertain value that he never thought before. He has lived, this moment of his life, into a NEW way of thinking, has he not?

        • David Suskin 07/07/2016, 11:00 pm:

          And the person used to smoke. Now they quit. Has a new way of thinking. A few months, back to bad habits, thinking their old way.
          Don’t you see people sometimes and thru the trials and tribulations of life, they do not change. Yes I know. That’s the matter aspect. Yes. Some, few people do change. Some.
          Transform? Rare. The viewpoint, the fundamental nature has been my observation not change no matter what.
          Moment to moment. Yes. Change. Permanently? Nope.
          Am I missing something here Doc?

          • Claude Lessard 07/07/2016, 11:18 pm:

            You’re right! Attempting to be transformed by thinking doesn’t last. πŸ˜‰

          • Straight DC 07/08/2016, 4:31 pm:

            Claude, attempting to be transformed by thinking may not work permanently BUT it does work. Knowing that eating “real food” as opposed to processed food is the key that helps me to make better choices and then the result is better function. If I just “live” and not “think” consciously, I will always choose the quickest and easiest and “junkier” of foods because for the present moment it feels better. But in the long run I feel lousy because of my choice. But if I take the time to think about the result of choosing “fast food” I will more often than not choose to eat healthier even though it takes more time & effort on my part. So taking the time to “think it through” helped me make the better choice.

        • David Suskin 07/07/2016, 11:38 pm:

          Do you have to be unconscious or so in the moment that you are in a flowing moment conscious that allows experience to carry you along to a new point in time when you’ve transformed.
          Sounds like hypnosis as a non educated spontaneous action.

          • Claude Lessard 07/08/2016, 12:18 am:

            It’s not that complicated. Its not hypnosis. It’s just the way it works with the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science. Our job is to practice the chiropractic objective… the rest follows. πŸ™‚

          • David Suskin 07/08/2016, 12:34 am:

            The rest follows. Is transformation empirical or a deduction?

  6. David Suskin 07/07/2016, 1:08 pm:

    Life is intelligence united by force to matter which it is expressed with. P2. Life is the relationship of those 3 realities. It is implicit in the relationship, as observed, as defined.
    There is thinking, an action producing though and Thought, some process or interaction between intelligence and matter. I believe it has been linked or associated with Force.
    To Live, Living if you will is an action that connotes Will, or Intent.
    Yet it is something that just IS, as the triune relationship that I speak of. Maybe it’s the usage of a word, life or live that has different meanings of connotations in different contexts.
    A bit of a confusion or perhaps a representation of the limits of a thought process, thinking, limited by the words that much thought is tooled by.
    Clarify please 😏

    • Claude Lessard 07/08/2016, 1:37 am:


      You asked: “Is transformation empirical or a deduction?” Take a real look at yourself and tell me if YOUR transformation from a zygote, to an embryo, to a foetus, to a newborn, to an infant, to a toddler, to a child, to an adolescent, to a young adult, to an adult, to a SENIOR… and tell us what YOU “see”. πŸ˜‰

  7. David Suskin 07/08/2016, 11:40 am:

    I see the life of a man, on a journey, starting out as a continuation of the life seed(s)-xy. Going thru stages of human development and living, getting as we say, older, having changed in many ways and remained the same in many ways. In many many ways as you have so Bluntly 😏 Pointed out, I AM just like every one else, and perhaps less so, but significant none the less, uniquely different, in part due to the amalgamation of my parent DNA, unique coded matter, and in part due to my individual Innate Intelligence being normal, and in part I Presume because of my individuated Soul (not Chiropractic)
    Yet in all of this, and I believe you want me to say Transformation, while I
    have transformed, its all rather predictably THE SAME. I as I have had little to do with it. The transformation may in part be reaction (eg. as a result to loss, LOM, or trauma, but not so different than my brothers and sisters of fellow humans), matter and life reacting.
    I remain the same pitiful example of The Common Man. I’ve gone thru forks, and hope to much more, and I hope. I strive. I predictably change from zygote to Senior, like you and them, but I remain the same flawed and unfulfilled, the same talented and loved and loving, the same unique hodgepodge of a life and soul I always was and will be, probably till the day I die, as we all do till the end of this journey at least. The only transformation I possess could be from the love I have for my wife and daughter and other loved ones. Personally, alone, of myself for myself I WISH I PRAY FOR TRANSFORMATION THAT I SEEK, NOT THAT SEEKS ME.
    Forgive my blabbering to perhaps your simple question 😏

  8. Claude Lessard 07/08/2016, 1:47 pm:

    I’m sorry. Let me be more precise. What do you see is YOUR personal transformation from zygote to senior. Empirical or a deduction?

  9. David Suskin 07/08/2016, 3:16 pm:

    😏um, both?
    Deduction-problem solving

    • Claude Lessard 07/08/2016, 9:53 pm:


      You posted “BUT it works”… With thinking, sometimes it does… it’s rarely permanent. Thinking is about knowledge which is rarely enough to transform anything. What is needed, is AWARENESS! Re-read my posts above… To live as an experience is to be called to awareness. –

      – Ex: Today everyone knows that smoking causes lung cancer. People smoke anyway regardless of the warning labels. Now, a woman who smokes has a chest MRI and is shown a spot on her lungs that is cancer. At that instant moment, she throws away her cigarettes and NEVER smoke again… she is transformed permanently!!!! She has lived herself into a NEW way of thinking.

      • Claude Lessard 07/08/2016, 10:02 pm:

        BY the way, the quality of the perception of living is DIRECTLY dependent on the state of the TRANSMISSION of mental impulses! πŸ˜‰

  10. David Suskin 07/08/2016, 10:32 pm:

    What you are saying dear Claude is that pain motivates more than pleasure.
    No thought. Just emotional fear. Aye?

    • Claude Lessard 07/08/2016, 11:00 pm:

      IAWARENESS of reality IS what it is!!! Painful or pleasurable is dependent on e/matter. πŸ˜‰

      • Claude Lessard 07/08/2016, 11:03 pm:

        … furthermore, there is joy in awareness in spite of the pain. WHY?

  11. David Suskin 07/09/2016, 2:25 am:

    That’s a good question. And how does one become aware fully

  12. David Suskin 07/09/2016, 4:26 am:

    Let me probe.
    You said:
    BY the way, the quality of the perception
    1. What do you mean, quality of?
    living is DIRECTLY dependent on the state of the TRANSMISSION of mental impulses! πŸ˜‰
    2. State of transmission? Interference vs no interference?
    Sometimes you wax poetic or use non Chiro lexicon terms that I don’t understand.
    Again. Try harder if you can.
    Living yourself into a new state of thinking. Awareness.
    I want to live myself into a new state of thinking, generating more awareness.
    What does one do? What do my patients do.
    What does an adjustment and a further understanding of the 33Ps allow for with regard to living yourself into a new state of awareness?

    • Claude Lessard 07/09/2016, 11:53 am:

      From the authority of the 33 principles of chiropractic ‘s basic science, the quality of perception is dependent upon TRANSMISSION of mental impulses. VS interferes with TRANSMISSION! –

      You ask “How?”, by NOT doing anything else. After LACVS for a full expression of the innate forces of the innate intelligence of the body… there IS a PERIOD. So simple isn’t it? – WHY complicating simple. Let’s get to work… Shall we? πŸ˜‰

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