Means and Result or Cause and Effect


The adjustment is means to enable the innate intelligence of the body to be more fully expressed. Getting sick people well is a possible  result which may or may not occur. It depends upon the matter of the body and its limitations. Chiropractic does not address results, if it did, it would fail much of the time.

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  1. David Suskin 07/04/2016, 2:43 pm:

    With reference to the ending statement ‘…if it did, it would fail much of the time.’
    we can say or deduce what chiropractic is, by logic. That’s what the practice by philosophical objective accomplishes. To veer into overtly empirical, negative and conflicted territories, I personally don’t think serves the profession or humanity in their best interest.
    It’s like saying
    Hope and forgiveness, love, confidence and optimism are essential traits for successful living but then again many times the human condition lends itself to miserable and painful outcomes accompanied by failures in an unfulfilled life. There are no guarantees.
    Hello! Chiropractic does get positive results, but we do not have to dwell on it. It’s just a side effect. Not the focus.
    Just because one gets the bulk of their fulfillment thru other venues, that doesn’t mean that for some, chiropractic and its philosophy doesn’t shouldn’t and can’t serve that purpose which might include helping an unhealthy and symptomatic mankind.

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