Energy or Force


Energy/matter-the term coined by Claude, is really energy which has been created by a chemical change in the matter. Activity in the body is really the result of turning chemicals or food into energy by use of instructions/information/innate forces. Energy then, cannot be the same as force.

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  1. todd 07/19/2016, 3:02 pm:

    can we correctly say that energy can be used to create force and that force can be used to create energy? (even though they are not the same thing?)

    • Claude Lessard 07/19/2016, 3:25 pm:


      What is the function of e/matter as per principle 13?

      • todd 07/19/2016, 3:58 pm:

        function of matter is to express force… i imagine there is a reason you did not answer my question directly. keep leading me, i’m curious.

  2. Claude Lessard 07/19/2016, 5:59 pm:

    What is the function of intelligence’s per principle 8?

    • todd 07/19/2016, 7:46 pm:

      function of intelligence is to create force… still following…

  3. Claude Lessard 07/19/2016, 8:42 pm:

    As per your question above, HOW can energy, which is the mass of matter at the square of the speed of light (E=Mc2), create force? Energy and matter are interchangeable due to the configuration and velocity of electrons, protons and neutrons. Can you see that according to the authority of principle #8 of chiropractic’s basic science that ONLY intelligence creates force… and that force is NOT energy? That energy is matter comprised of electrons, protons and neutrons at different configurations and velocities? Therefore, together without condemnation, we can conclude that force is definitely NOT energy/matter!

    • todd 07/20/2016, 4:23 pm:

      #8 – ‘the function of intelligence is to create force’

      until this moment, i have never understood that to mean that ONLY intelligence can create force. but after your explanation and guidance, i now understand that any force that has ever been created was due to the manifestation of a physical law (#11) –thank you Claude!

  4. Jack VanDervort 07/20/2016, 4:47 pm:

    Hi Joe, Jack VanDervort here.
    A Question: Could Force be considered as the intellectual intention inherent in energy similar to what the Mental Impulse is with nerve flow?

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