The CCE Premise and Promise.


This is as good as it will ever get in chiropractic. We will insure that if and when it gets worse, and it will, you will be minimally affected.

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  1. william hollensed 07/25/2016, 6:14 pm:

    Is this a quote you can cite a source for?

    • Joe Strauss 07/27/2016, 2:08 pm:

      Dr., any quote is either noted as “unknown” or the source is cited. Any other comes from my head.

      • william hollensed 07/27/2016, 2:23 pm:

        I was there when CCE was born. I watched Janse and Faye push the profession into the medical model. I find your premise to be very accurate. I was not certain when I read it if one of them had not seen the demise they brought about.

        • Joe Strauss 08/07/2016, 9:40 am:

          Dr. Hollendsed, Thank you for that observation. In those days we apparently traveled in different circles!
          As you well know, people who believe a lie unless changing their thinking (repenting), their pride (arrogance) usually prevents them from seeing the truth. a truth many still fail to see.

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