Educated Intelligence


Life is the expression of intelligence through matter. Educated life is the expression of educated intelligence through educated matter.

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  1. David Suskin 07/31/2016, 6:36 pm:

    Educated intelligence. Physical or Metaphysical?

    • Claude Lessard 07/31/2016, 7:04 pm:

      By now, you know the answer to that… FOR SURE (and it’s NOT a mind game) 😉

      • Joe Strauss 08/07/2016, 3:25 pm:

        Educated intelligence is meatphysical.

        • David Suskin 08/07/2016, 4:22 pm:

          Hi Joe you did say it was physical sometime ago. now youre saying it’s metaphysical or meatphysical😀 Claude said it was physical. I then reasoned how it could be physical based on it coming from the brain as a product like bile comes from the gallbladder or insulin comes from the pancreas.
          Does this meat 😏 the threshold of conflicts to clarify? Do we need to redefine terms of our lexicon? Is this a short circuit? HRC (do I dare bring up politics)

          • Joe Strauss 08/08/2016, 11:40 am:

            Educated intelligence is metaphysical. Its metaphysical forces are created in the physical educated brain by what Stepenson calls the “tinging” of innate forces as a result of the quality of the educated brain and its limitations of matter.Those metaphysical “messages” are carried by a physical hence measurable electrical impulse carried over physical wires (nerves) with their physical limitations just as the metaphysical messages/thoughts on the telegraph are carried over physical wires by physical electrical impulses. So it has a metaphysical component and a physical component to it. Is the innate force which causes the production of adrenaline which in turn causes the heart to beat faster metaphysical? More “meat” to chew on as you “clarify conflicts.”

          • David Suskin 08/08/2016, 12:02 pm:

            TY Joseph. Perhaps I should do less chewing and more swallowing.

          • Joe Strauss 08/09/2016, 8:16 pm:

            David,nothing wrong with chewing….it aids in proper digestion. Too many people will swallow anything without adequate chewing.

          • David Suskin 08/09/2016, 11:25 am:

            Am I correct to say that Educated Intelligence being metaphysical are not necessarily perfect (i.e. Innate Intelligence) being that its and its forces, educated forces; its existence is dependent on an imperfect mattered LOMd brain? Tinged as you say?

  2. David Suskin 07/31/2016, 9:11 pm:

    Green book xxxii joe states it is physical.
    That’s why I inquired

  3. David Suskin 07/31/2016, 9:13 pm:

    Commentaries p104

  4. Claude Lessard 07/31/2016, 11:13 pm:

    So what is it then?

  5. David Suskin 07/31/2016, 11:37 pm:

    The expression of educated intelligence through educated matter:
    A physical expression through a physical a physical medium?
    Seems like the words are getting in the way.
    Expression of anything, that anything is conceptual.
    Educated intelligence is metaphysical limited by the matter that expresses it.

    • Claude 08/02/2016, 8:36 pm:

      Educated intelligence is the capacity of function of the educated brain which is the physical brain and is e/matter. Therefore educated intelligence is a product of e/matter. The educated brain is an organ just like the pancreas is an organ. A product of the pancreas is insulin. A product of the educated brain is educated intelligence. Educated brain requires innate forces to function and VS can interfere with those forces. That’s why educated intelligence is dependent on a nerve supply free of VS. –

      – When you act and take off your shirt on a hot summer day, you express your educated intelligence which is a product of your educated brain. It is NOT conceptual at all. It is VERY concrete.

  6. David Suskin 08/02/2016, 10:10 pm:

    Thank you Claude for your reply.
    If the product of the educated brain is educated intelligence, how come you can’t see or touch a thought?

  7. Claude Lessard 08/03/2016, 6:04 pm:

    The fact is that you can see or touch a thought since educated intelligence is a product of the educated brain which is e/matter with the proper scientific instruments… the very same way you can see or touch insulin or adrenalin or thyroxin with the proper scientific instruments. Yet, that does NOT really matter to chiropractic at all. –

    – The School of Engineering at MIT, the Academic Research and Initiatives Department, answer the question. –

    – WHAT ARE THOUGHTS MADE OF? According to Charles Jennings, director of neurotechnology at the MIT McGovern Institute for Brain Research, “thoughts are really just electro-chemical reactions—but the number and complexity of these reactions make them hard to fully understand…

    The human brain is composed of about 100 billion nerve cells (neurons) interconnected by trillions of connections, called synapses. On average, each connection transmits about one signal per second. Some specialized connections send up to 1,000 signals per second. “Somehow… that’s producing thought”. –

    Given the physical complexity of what’s happening inside your head, it’s not easy to trace a thought from beginning to end. “That’s a little like asking where the forest begins. Is it with the first leaf, or the tip of the first root?” says Jennings. Simpler, then to start by considering perceptions—“thoughts” that are directly triggered by external stimuli—a feather brushes your skin, you see these words on the computer screen, you hear a phone ring. Each of these events triggers a series of signals in the brain.

    When you read these words, for example, the photons associated with the patterns of the letters hit your retina, and their energy triggers an electrical signal in the light-detecting cells there. That electrical signal propagates like a wave along the long threads called axons that are part of the connections between neurons. When the signal reaches the end of an axon, it causes the release of chemical neurotransmitters into the synapse, a chemical junction between the axon tip and target neurons. A target neuron responds with its own electrical signal, which, in turn, spreads to other neurons. Within a few hundred milliseconds, the signal has spread to billions of neurons in several dozen interconnected areas of your brain and you have perceived these words. (All that and you probably didn’t even break a sweat.)

    The fact that you are then able to convert the perception of these shapes into symbols, language, and meaning is a whole other story—and a good indication of the complexity of neuroscience. Trying to imagine how trillions of connections and billions of simultaneous transmissions coalesce inside your brain to form a thought is a little like trying to look at the leaves, roots, snakes, birds, ticks, deer—and everything else in a forest—at the same moment.

    With new brain imaging tools, however, researchers are making strides towards doing just that. A better understanding of where and how different types of thoughts arise in the brain—such as facial recognition, emotion, or language.

    But reaching that goal? “That’s a tall order,” said Evelina Fedorenko, a postdoctoral associate at the McGovern Institute. Working with Brain and Cognitive Sciences professor Nancy Kanwisher, Fedorenko is working to develop better tools for dissecting recordings of thoughts. Their recent work reveals a clearer picture of where the brain processes language, one of the defining activities that makes us human. — Elizabeth Dougherty –

    – Of course, the educated brain does have limitations of e/matter just as does every other organ of the body (pri24). If you place a man in the North Pole in a swimsuit, he will die… no matter how smart he is. His educated intelligence is limited and he will soon realize that this is it! Yet, his innate intelligence will adapt his body up to the time of death. –

    – This is one of the reason that we should guard our lexicon and watch the way we communicate. Innate intelligence is the LAW of ACTIVE organization (life of living things). Innate intelligence does NOT think. It adapts universal forces and e/matte for use in the body (pri23). Anthropomorphism has NO place in chiropractic whatsoever. Further more, innate intelligence is normal and its function is ALWAYS normal (pri27). What we are addressing in chiropractic is so much bigger that thoughts. The authority of chiropractic is the 33 principles of its basic science!!! Get the BIG idea and the rest follows…

    • David Suskin 08/03/2016, 11:13 pm:

      So theoretically you can create a thought in a laboratory.

      • Claude Lessard 08/04/2016, 12:23 am:

        This does NOT concern chiropractic at all. Deal with the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science and ALL will be well. Regarding the restoration of principle 32, chiropractic is second to none. The innate intelligence of the body is normal and its function is ALWAYS normal
        (Pri27). VS interferes with the transmission of innate forces (pri29). There nothing greater than the chiropractic objective as far as the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science are concerned. Joseph’s opening post is true. Remember chiropractic Outside the box!!! 😉

  8. David Suskin 08/04/2016, 1:10 am:

    It does concern chiropractic if educated intelligence is a topic that warrants discussion. There is no mention of educated intelligence within the 33Ps. Why was this topic, educated intelligence, brought up by Dr Strauss, on COTB if it is of NO Concern? Let’s clarify!

  9. David Suskin 08/04/2016, 10:07 am:

    Isn’t educated intelligence the LAW of consciousness which avails language and logical thought?
    In discussion are we Not trying to Clap with One Hand?
    You need a physical brain to express EI. Do you not need
    EI to have a physical brain?
    Maybe a better word is immaterial, not metaphysical?
    No questions? ANSWERS!

    • Claude Lessard 08/05/2016, 11:09 am:

      Come on David, aren’t you wandering quite far away from the center of the forest? –

      LAW is ABSOLUTE, IMMUTABLE, CONSTANT, and UNCHANGING through time… even the innate intelligence of the body will NOT break a universal law (pri24). Consciousness EVOLVES and is ALWAYS variable and changeable. Consciousness… surely is NOT a universal LAW. –

      – “Life is the expression of intelligence through matter. Educated life is the expression of educated intelligence through educated matter.” JBS –

      – Our good friend Dr. Steve Jones used to be fond of the expression: “GIANT versus pigmy”. It seems that to spend time, CONSCIOUS of the GIANT, requires much humility to the pigmy… specially when the pigmy makes itself LAW… does it not?

  10. David Suskin 08/05/2016, 12:18 pm:

    If there is a brain >> matter,
    and the brain is alive >> innate intelligence,
    there will be an expression of innate intelligence (because it’s innate matter and living) and there will be an expression of educated intelligence (because it’s nerve(brain) tissue(matter). ALWAYS – empirical? deductive?
    Perhaps this ‘in between ‘Giant vs Pigmy’ stuff poses the Innate Thot’s issue?
    I understand Claude. Actually, the concept of organs producing something is interesting. Pancreas >> Insulin, Gall Bladder >> Bile, Brain >> Educated Intelligence (consciousness).
    It is a substance, this consciousness stuff, that bears matter as it’s carrier, but it would seem to involve Other non-material venues.
    Love, Goodness, Emotions, Experience, Sense of Self, Spirituality, etc. >> Yes, all a bit away from the center of the forest, but subjects that bear a metaphysical realm, that would seem to all be expressed from matter, like nervous tissue (brain), heart. Love is an abstract, that would seem to come from brain and heart. Not a Chiropractic subject persae, alright NOT, but still, if we can discuss Educated Intelligence, the abstract nature of intelligence, in general. What it is exactly, to be called Intelligence.
    Here we are, Alive, Living, Intelligent creatures, discussing Chiropractic and it’s philosophy. All subjects of Educated Intelligence, pointing to directions THAT ARE NOT OF EDUCATED INTELLIGENCE.
    Quite a paradox of discussion and interaction and truth seeking

    • Claude Lessard 08/05/2016, 8:11 pm:


      As long as your e/matter exist it will express universal forces. As long as YOU live it will express both, universal forces and innate forces. E/matter does NOT express intelligence. E/matter expresses forces (pri13). Innate forces are mental impulses and as such they are both physical and metaphysical (as opposed to nerve impulse which is strictly physical e/matter). There is 100% innate intelligence in every living thing (pri22) from birth until death. On the other hand, the educated brain of a newborn infant has 0% educated intelligence at birth with the potential capacity of the educated brain to function. Educated intelligence will evolves with time according to percepts, experiences of life, circumstances, education, etc…). –

      – I understand using other disciplines (like psychology, chemistry, anthropology, physics, etc…) for learning and unlearning’s sakes, as long as we use them from an ADIO world view. This means, for us Objective Chiropractors, that we use those disciplines under the authority of the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science. –

      – Today’s post from Joseph, 8/5/2016, addresses this issue of vocabulary and it is quite insightful. Let us, ALL OF US, together use vocabulary in terms of our lexicon and the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science.

  11. David Suskin 08/06/2016, 2:12 am:

    Language is an interesting thing. Its components: nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc. are as precise as the intent and accuracy of the craft, communication, cognitive, perceptive, and writing skills that the author has within ones facility. Also the reader must be able to understand these words as concepts, have abilit to read the meanings between the lines and the spirit of the authors intent.
    When you say Claude: ‘As long as your e/matter exists, it will express universal forces.’ Does that mean e/matter is going in an out of existence? Or knowing that the sum total of all e/matter is a constant, that this constant is highlighted by P1’s usage of the word ‘maintaining’ or perhaps that there is an implication that e/matter came into existence, by your reference to ‘as long as’.
    Ya know, P1, for that matter, philosophy can be pretty dry stuff without some particular verbiage that affords weight or implication to the words.
    I find your motif: ‘As long as YOU live, it will express both, universal forces and innate forces’ plays to the concept of NORMAL, of purposeful universe.
    Sometimes I get it, sometimes I don’t.
    Educated intelligence has its limits. Without it mankind could live but could not serve, could not fulfill, could not get up and move ahead after he had fallen.

    • Claude Lessard 08/06/2016, 11:36 am:


      Your end your post with: “Educated intelligence has its limits. Without it mankind could live but could not serve, could not fulfill, could not get up and move ahead after he had fallen.” –

      “As long as” you understand WHAT is GIANT and WHAT is pigmy and that you know which is ABSOLUTE and which is evolving. ADIO. 😉

      • Claude 08/10/2016, 9:31 pm:

        Joseph asked on 8/8/2016 11:40 am: –

        – ” Is the innate force which causes the production of adrenaline which in turn causes the heart to beat faster metaphysical?”… and the answer is… 😉

  12. David Suskin 08/10/2016, 10:03 pm:


    • Claude Lessard 08/11/2016, 5:04 pm:

      What cause the heart to beat faster? Adrenalin is it not?
      Last I heard, adrenalin is e/matter NOT an innate force. Principle 23: “The function of innate intelligence is to adapt universal forces AND E/MATTER for use in the body…”

      • David Suskin 08/11/2016, 5:24 pm:

        This adaptation and coordination would happen on the production side (adrenalin), and the reception side (the heart itself, as a living organ).
        Let’s get back to your statement that educated forces are physical, where Joe states that they are metaphysical (tinctured innate forces)

        • Claude Lessard 08/11/2016, 6:28 pm:

          I stated that educated intelligence is a product of the educated brain which is e/matter. Unless, you can find what I posted and quote it, I do not recall ever saying that educated forces were physical.

          • David Suskin 08/11/2016, 7:40 pm:

            Did not you imply physicality with:
            ‘The fact is that you can see or touch a thought since educated intelligence is a product of the educated brain which is e/matter with the proper scientific instruments… the very same way you can see or touch insulin or adrenalin or thyroxin with the proper scientific instruments.’
            No you never said ‘educated forces were physical’

  13. David Suskin 08/10/2016, 10:20 pm:

    Does innate force cause the production of adrenaline or does it coordinate the production of adrenaline. I know you’re going to say what do you think or what’s your answer David. just give me your answer Claude 😏

  14. Claude 08/12/2016, 12:54 pm:

    David, –

    – I do not know what your motives are for you to ascribe to me YOUR misunderstanding of my post. Rather than stating what I did NOT say, why not asking for clarifications instead of implying. We ALL of us, without condemnation, have a responsibility to the many readers of CTOB. After all, it was not too long ago that it was posted that “Vocabulary means more than having an extensive lexicon. It means to think in terms of that lexicon”. 😉 –

    – For several years now, in COTB, I have blogged about “so called voluntary actions” resulting from specially codes innate forces, assembled within the innate brain, and made accessible to educated intelligence from educated brain. Please remember that no organ, be it the pancreas or the educated brain, can function without innate forces (which are instructive information with intelligent direction) causing these organs to be active by innate intelligence via the innate brain. –

    – This is what I posted back in early 2014: Claude Lessard 01/13/2014, 3:14 am –

    – “Joseph,
    Indeed the educated brain is physical unlike the innate brain which is metaphysical. It is true that science is attempting to locate WHERE is the seat of reason, thinking and volition, what chiropractic philosophy calls, the educated brain. After all, to innate intelligence, the educated brain is an organ like the liver, the heart or the spleen. Up to now, the frontal lobe seems to be a possibility for the location of the educated brain. –
    – I postulate that the physical brain is used by educated intelligence to access the “tinctured” mental impulses with a specific innate code for so called voluntary functions in order for living vertebrates to adapt to their external environment. Then, it is also possible for the capability of the educated brain to be active throughout the body. Educated intelligence (capability) would then use of the educated brain (specific cells of the body) in order to create thoughts (instructive information) from the educated mind (activity of educated intelligence) for so called voluntary functions. This would explain how the innate intelligence of the body brings about adaptation when the innate brain is aware of bodily needs in order to best adapt to limitation of energy/matter.” –

    – David, by the way, Joseph used the word “tinging”, a term that RWS used in his book. It is me WHO chose to use the word “tinctured”. Now, since you posted… “(tinctured innate forces)”… you must have read several of my posts where I used the term “tinctured”. 😉 –

    – Educated intelligence is the capability of educated brain (physical brain) to function. Educated intelligence starts at 0% at birth and ends up at 100% (relative) at death based on percepts, experiences, education, information, etc… over time. In other words, educated intelligence “expands”. On the other hand, the innate intelligence of the body is 100% at birth until the death of that body. Of course always fulfilling principle 24. –

    – Now, to answer your question: “Does innate force cause the production of adrenaline or does it coordinate the production of adrenaline?” According to the authority of the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science, principle 23 states that the function of innate intelligence is to ADAPT universal forces and E/MATTER for USE in the body (providing instructive information to the adrenal glands to produce adrenalin), so that ALL parts of the body will have co-ordinated action for mutual benefit (coordinating the specific qualities and quantities of adrenaline). –

    – It is my sincere hope David, that once again, you understand that it is innate intelligence that is paramount (GIANT) for the chiropractic objective, NOT educated intelligence (pigmy).

    • David Suskin 08/12/2016, 2:06 pm:

      I do understand Claude. I understood your post. You’ve clarified stating that:” Educated intelligence (capability) would then use of the educated brain (specific cells of the body) in order to create thoughts (instructive information) from the educated mind (activity of educated intelligence) ”
      Within the Chiro Lexicon you referenced educated int,educated brain,thought(instructive info),educated mind(activity). I’m not sure you have articulated the metaphysical, physical or (both) nature of ‘educated mind’,’thoughts’,’educated intelligence’. Yes, the exploration of these terms might be outside the chiropractic objective, but I bring it up as an attempt to ‘think outside of the box’. Perhaps I fail, but I try.
      I always appreciate your time, and continued input to me and these COTB discussions.
      If chiropractic existed completely as a physical entity, it would be much easier perhaps to point to this or that, to define, to embrace, to understand, to utilize, to discuss, etc.
      We know. WE KNOW that what chiropractic offers can truly ONLY be Understood, philosophically, through thought, not through physical experience or through a result. I’m not offering anything new here so I’ll just once again say thank you.

    • David Suskin 08/13/2016, 9:00 pm:

      I’m asking for a clarification between the result of innate forces on matter , as an adaptive expression of universal forces, requiring ii, a coordination of action of parts for mutual benefit AND
      The intelligent design, that which is apparent in man (living matter) the machine, with an apparent embedded organized structure and function.
      I’ve asked it before. But looking for clarification. Here is one example. P23 serves to allow P21 and P32 taking into account P24. The nervous system provides the physical matter to allow this Triune to take place. Yet intelligent design, The physical components that physically, chemically have intelligent mechanisms eg. Heart-pump, kidneys adrenals brain-blood pressure control and maintenance of electrolytes, proper ph for enzyme activities, lungs-bellow chamber to ventilate o2/co2 though diffusion through membranes, etc etc.
      It would seem that the structures of life (physical) support life (energy utilization and metabolism), support, etc. through both how living things are built AND in innate intelligence adapting universal forces.
      Coordinated function, adaptive and constructive function can only happen in a machine (the physical of living things. The cells functioning to do their job through perhaps their DNA that programs their purposeful, selective and survival functions).
      When nerves are removed, blocked through various means, the life still in many cases maintains. II is still creating forces 100% to be expressed maintaining active organization. Systems and structures still maintain intrinsic interaction, intelligent interaction, by design (eg. Negative feedback).
      Intelligence is still being reflected through systems deprived of nerves.
      Perhaps cellfishly. Unattached, non centralized by ii, but still performing an intelligent BY DESIGN function.
      How this all comes together, if I’ve made myself clear, puzzles me.
      Knowing that ii IS what uses our matter to create force to be expressed that we call triunically LIFE.
      Does ii involve itself with the design that also provides an intelligent appearing processing functionality?

      • Claude Lessard 08/14/2016, 1:06 pm:

        David, –

        – A universal intelligence IS in ALL e/matter and CONTINUALLY gives to is ALL its properties AND actions, thus maintaining it in EXISTENCE (pri1). This is the LAW of organization which is CONTINUALLY involved in maintaining e/matter in EXISTENCE. Universal intelligence GIVES all properties AND actions (“intelligent appearing processing functionality”) to e/matter CONTINUALLY. It’s the same thing for the LAW of ACTIVE organization that maintains a “living thing” ALIVE (pri20, 21, 22, 23). Innate intelligence adapts universal forces AND e/matter for use in the body (of the “living thing”), so that all parts of the body will have co-ordinated ACTION (“intelligent appearing processing functionality) for mutual benefit (pri23). –

        – Now you see, David, that when it is me WHO choose to accept AND be guided by the AUTHORITY of the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science, the answer AND clarification to ALL questions can be obtained.
        Do you understand that you are questioning the bloggers of CTOB… while in REALITY you are questioning the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science? Of ALL the many questions I have regarding chiropractic philosophy, it is me WHO choose to direct them towards the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science. When WE, all of us together, without condemnation can be present in this way, WE will know the the reality of OUR questions. I promise you this is true. ALL the answers that we need, to CONTINUALLY practice the chiropractic objective, are found within the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science! WHY? WHAT is the answer to that WHY? – 😉

  15. David Suskin 08/14/2016, 7:46 pm:

    1. Cellfishness must lead to fragmentation of living structures?
    2. What within the philosophy causes, CAUSES Intelligent Design, a physical attribute? Innate intelligence?
    Without condemnation Claude, may I defer your question of WHY back to you so that I, WHO am at a loss to answer it accurately or without excessive frustration can be more congruent and get a Bigger Idea such that all can finally, Finally follow?

  16. David Suskin 08/15/2016, 12:47 am:

    Because 33Ps are within ADIO which IS Truth?
    I can only accept Educated Intelligence (OIBU) as subservient to ADIO if I can completely understand and accept the Big Idea. My non designation of 33ps to AUTHORITY is because viewpoint emanates from matter, learning (good and bad-Experiences), and soul. I am not alone. I will not accept Not Checking My Slipping as MANY DO. I am left with an incomplete paradigm. I always appreciate your direction and hope that I too say and offer concepts that others might think but not say.
    I am a warrior.

    • Joe Strauss 08/17/2016, 11:25 am:

      David,you write “My non designation of 33ps to AUTHORITY is because viewpoint emanates from matter, learning (good and bad-Experiences), and soul.” True,matter is the E.B. and what is stored in its memory center and standards. We need to have constant epistemological rehabilitation, cleaning out the garbage in the soul (OIBU thinking) which BJ called “slipping and checking.” Our slipping and checking is first of all what we think, what we do just follows our thinking.

  17. David Suskin 08/18/2016, 8:25 pm:

    I guess “Cogito ergo sum” is a good place to start (RD), but “Dead men do bleed” (JS-COTB-post), does pose one of the many pieces of garbage that an unchecked thought process can lead to, that being Unprincipled living (OIBU). I like your reference to “slipping and checking” as a process of cleaning, perhaps directing oneself along a more aligned path.
    What you think is what you get.

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