Bad Judgement


Bad judgement is not knowing and accepting your limitations. When we think it is our objective to get sick people well, we are frustrated by just correcting vertebral subluxations and end up adding therapeutic procedures/objectives.

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  1. Straight DC 08/12/2016, 3:48 pm:

    In my head I do not think of my service as a chiropractor “to get sick
    people well”, but I see myself slipping at times when a skeletal symptom may not be changing soon enough for the practice member or for myself. That is why on going education must be happening on each visit or it always goes back to how the practice member is feeling.

  2. william hollensed 08/12/2016, 4:50 pm:

    I would like to think the bad judgement that results in adding theraputic procedures was just motivated by the desire to get sick people well. How ever I have seen the desire to make more money often the prime mover to departure from the path. It is encouraging to see some promoting and adhering to chiropractic. Education is the key.

  3. Claude 08/17/2016, 7:43 pm:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! In order to keep the chiropractic objective in EXISTENCE (in your office), we MUST tell the story over and over and over and over again in as many creative ways as doable. It’s basically like following the LAW of organization the “CONTINUALLY gives properties and actions to e/matter to maintain it in EXISTENCE”. By existence, we not only mean that the story exists but how the story exists. From the first visit, the care that you provide your practice member is ONE ongoing conversation. Conversations by their nature go out of existence unless managed. Keeping the ONE conversation in existence requires having a structure like orientations, health care classes, pamphlets, chiropractic CDs, videos, etc… (all of which can be obtained through Strauss). You need to have something to keep that ONE conversation alive in distance, time and form, to keep it alive in reality. You also need to keep the EXISTENCE of your ONE conversation up to date with accurate information. It boils down to TMITWDITO and the breakdown of that orientation visit by visit!

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