Let’s get this straight. We elect representatives by popular vote who know nothing about our profession  except what they are told by political organizations who have an agenda like the CCE/ACA/ICA. They appoint bureaucrats who create agencies like the USOE/DOE who create political bureaucracies like the CCE who influence other politically created bureaucracies like state boards who make the decisions for our profession. That’s a far cry from the Constitution, the purpose of which is to limit government’s control over individual freedoms.

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  1. william hollensed 08/15/2016, 4:04 pm:

    This is why chiropractors need to know their elected officials personally. This does not mean by sending large amounts of cash. This means taking them to lunch and explaining chiropractic. I have been there and it works. Start with a letter – they do not get a lot of snail mail. Be nice and make certain our concern is a level playing field to better serve our patients.

    • Joe Strauss 08/17/2016, 11:42 am:

      Unfortunately, Dr. Hollensed, I have found that most elected officials do not respond to what is explained over lunch at Wendys but “large amounts of cash.” In the past elected officials were statesmen. Today with (very) few exceptions, they are politicians.To paraphrase Peter, Paul and Mary: “where have all the statesmen gone?”

      • william hollensed 08/17/2016, 4:22 pm:

        We went a little more upscale than Wendys. We had the ear of every representative we elected. The hard part was getting the chiropractors to attend and stay on point.

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