You’re  Only Young Once But You Can Be Immature Forever- Judy Campanale, D.C.

If we fail to continually educate the members of our practice, on a regular basis, they will stay immature (from lack of nourishment), not thrive in their understanding and eventually “fall by the wayside”.

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  1. William Hollensed 08/26/2016, 3:19 pm:

    You really need a like button – this is so right on

    • Joe Strauss 08/27/2016, 9:20 am:

      Thank you, Dr.Hollensed. Your comment is the greatest “like” I could receive.

    • Joe Strauss 08/27/2016, 8:03 pm:

      Thanks Tom,
      you have saved me a post I wanted to “create” which I was going to call, “There’s no such thing as an original Thought”. I never met Germaine Greer until Judy made that statement (often) to me. It really belongs to Greer or whoever she got it from! I think it applies to OSC philosophy. I got the philosophy from sitting under Reggie’s teaching for 50 years who got it from B.J.’s teaching for? Years who got it from the “Basic Science of the 33 Principles (as Claude calls them) which came from deduction of P. # 1 which came from God, the Original Thinker Who technically never had an original thought (that’s part of the definition of omniscience-He always knew). I just rearrange/extrapolate/express Reggie’s/B.J.’s/ADIO’s/ Divine viewpoint which comes from God.
      The Wright brothers designed the airplane. It looks nothing like a 747 of today but it is based on the same aerodynamics principle. I suspect Wilbur and Orville got it from the birds who got it from natural law which came from universal intelligence and innate intelligence which came from God. Truly, “there is nothing new under the sun”. Ecclesiastes 1:9.

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