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If chiropractic philosophical skills are not taught and adopted first, practice building skills will be used for selfish means.

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  1. KAD, D.C. 09/09/2016, 4:37 pm:

    Whether chiropractic philosophical skills are taught or not , whether chiropractic philosophical skills are adopted first, in the middle or at the end- of one’s life, the “means” will always be a function determined by the individual. It is more a reflection of who,what & where the individual is at that given moment of existence, than a condemnation of the profession or practice building.

    All that being said, it gives us all the more reason to put our best forward in all we say, do and are in life. Chiropractic is such a beautiful gift to share with another human being, life is priceless- and so few really “GET IT”.

  2. David Suskin 09/09/2016, 5:56 pm:

    The interference with the transmission of innate forces, as caused by subluxation, results in incoordination or dis-ease.
    Dis-ease is a state where parts of the body, the foundational units, the cells, act (s)cellfishly. They may perform their biological function(s), integrating with body processes effective enough to allow innate life’s mission to be maintained, but they are essentially de-centralized from the whole and they evoke unadapted universal forces that are destructive by nature, with having no or partial innate intelligent connection to the whole organism.
    Chiropractic Philosophy acts as the backbone, the unifying thread that links all Chiropractic activity into a whole profession fulfilling its separate and unique mission. Practice building skills are Outside-In, external universal forces applied to a living and breathing profession, Chiropractic, that if unadapted by it’s philosophical viewpoint and lens, will result in the Selfish fragmentation of it’s members, Us, down to it’s core, becoming just another Outside-In, therapeutic, detached, result based, modality. Results will be determined by averages. The profession will NOT be Normalized

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