Principle #24


There is a difference between understanding the concept of Limitations of Matter (P.24) and thinking you know what, where, and when those limitations exist. That’s the difference between chiropractic and the practice of medicine.

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  1. David Suskin 09/13/2016, 3:00 pm:

    If ADIO (chiropractic) viewpoint proclaims it DOESN’T know
    what, where, and when those limitations exist
    OI (medicine) viewpoint proclaims it DOES try to know what, where, and when those limitations exist
    are they BOTH valid (adjustment(fuller expression of ii) vs (treatment eg. glasses), within the context of the viewpoint being used?
    There IS NO Absolute 100% application rendering everything a matter (no pun) of opinion and usage to the patient (practice member).
    It’s been implicated that the maintaining of 2 VIEWPOINTs concurrently is problematic (slip/check) ADIO is valuable up to the point that one can distinguish that there IS a PROBLEM (educated intelligence concern). Problems, have a level of interpretation cast upon them, and can only truly be solved by Educated manipulations to matter with the hope that innate intelligence will adapt.
    Congruency is a challenge with this (above) kind of analysis

  2. Ronen Mendi 09/19/2016, 10:53 am:

    Thank You Joe,
    We as ChiropracTors hope and wish that the limitations of matter have not been reached, and thus can adjust and reactivate health in the vast majority of people (cases).
    Medicine pay little attention to the limitation of matter. They think that the body needs outside intervantion, in the minute it does not function properly.
    i.e. In their eyes the body is sick (does not function properly) because the invader has surpassed the body limitations.

    • Joe Strauss 09/24/2016, 1:01 am:

      Ronen, I think that medicine overemphasizes limitations of matter and “pays little” if any attention to the innate intelligence of the body and what it is capable of doing. Don’t you?

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