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Hi Joe-

Just reading your text, Green Book Commentaries vol. XIV Chiropractic Text Book RW Stephenson. Page 54 states “All Dis-Ease is thus traceable to impingements of nerve tissue in the spinal column.” If a person ingests poison, does this not create dis-ease as well? This person could have a finely tuned, chiropractically sound nervous system but will surely have organs that do not function with ease, no? Thank you.
Adaptation is different for every person because every person is an individual and everyone’s different, their matter is different.

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  1. maurizio 09/24/2016, 3:45 am:

    I think when he refer All des-Ease is thus traceable to impingements of nerve tissue in the spinal colum is That des-ease is a consecuence of a VS so the II of the body can not express at it máximum,, taking a poison produce disease that is not the same that dis-ease and require médical atention. Thank you and excuse my english!

    • Joe Strauss 09/26/2016, 4:50 pm:

      Maurizio, Thank you and good question. You are absolutely correct in the first part of your question! DIS-EASE is the “consequence of vertebral subluxation (actually it is synonymous with VS). However poison produces trauma not disease and without accompanying DIS-EASE (perhaps even with!) caused by coincidental already existing, or poison created V.S, and or L.of M., the ii of the body will get rid of the poison.

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