Traditional Straight Chiropractic (TSC)


The cause of chiropractic’s fall was the arrogance of Traditional Straight Chiropractic, thinking that we chiropractors get sick people well, rather than focusing on our simple objective, a humble one, Locating,analyzing and Aiding in the Correction of  Vertebral Subluxation so that the innate intelligence of the body could be more fully expressed.

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  1. William Hollensed 09/22/2016, 4:43 pm:

    When you live in a medically dominated society that looks to externals for solutions this is an easy trap to fall in. I had never thought about the issue of arrogance but the early battle with medicine certainly did promote ego inflation. When a person who has been adjusted responds with dramatic symptomatic improvement (swine flu, headache, low back pain, epilepsy) it is logical to get distracted by the results and not the objectives. Thank you for the clarity with which you present what we should be focusing on.

    • Joe Donofrio 09/22/2016, 5:35 pm:

      I actually like and respect the Mixer, they are in the lead of trying natural therapies, which in some cases are better than the synthetic(medical). It is what Strauss identifies as the Traditional Chiros. that muddies the public waters and creates the difficulty in getting folks to understand the nature of True/Straight/Objective Chiropractic. I’m sure you all agree, but are fearful to say so…

      • Joe Strauss 09/24/2016, 1:15 am:

        I agree Joe. That’s why our real threat is the TSC not the mixer. The mixer does not think it iss his adjustment alone that gets the pt. well.The Traditional Chiropractor does and loses his focus on the objective.

  2. Tom Potisk 09/23/2016, 6:32 pm:

    Chiropractic has not fallen. The internal battles, external misinterpretations, arguments about implementation, scope, and objective about something so deeply profound are normal and give credence. It has not yet even risen to a smidgen of its potential.

    • Joe Strauss 09/28/2016, 5:12 pm:

      Tom, if chiropractic could be evaluated in the arena of ideas, you comment would be valid. However there are forces bent on destroying a particular approach to chiropractic (OSC). It’s called Power Politics. Reason,logic, common sense and principles are not valid arguments. It’s who has the power to force their ideas on the profession.

  3. Art Rehe, D.C. 09/27/2016, 5:56 pm:

    Let’s be honest…..

    The cause of Chiropractic’s fall was that chiropractors were out numbered, out financed, and out advertised and out politicized by the people who control political medicine.

    • Joe Strauss 09/28/2016, 11:58 am:

      I disagree Art.”The cause of Chiropractic’s fall was” NOT “that chiropractors were out numbered, out financed, and out advertised and out politicized by the people who control political medicine.” If that were true the following should no longer be/never been in existence:
      1. Christianity
      2. The original 13 American Colonies, gaining their independence.
      3. The 1917 Russian communist revolution in which a mere 100,000 communists controlled a nation of millions and the power of the Czar was overthrown.
      4. France.
      5. Truth.
      6. Mohammed and Islam.
      7. Chiropractic, which flourished during its greatest period of medical opposition.
      As BJ said the cause was “the boring from within.” Or as the great philosopher Pogo said, “we have met the enemy and he is us”

  4. Claude Lessard 09/28/2016, 9:48 pm:

    It is the arrogance of chiropractors WHO chose to practice the medical objective, which is to get sick people well, that has been and ALWAYS will be the downfall of chiropractic (in getting the public totally confused, and infringing on the prior right of the medical profession to get sick people well). That is the medical objective to get sick people well. –

    – According to the authority of the 33 principles, the chiropractic objective is to LACVS for a full expression of the innate FORCES of the innate intelligence of the body. Period.

  5. Claude Lessard 09/29/2016, 1:08 am:

    Again, as per the authority of the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science, the chiropractic objective is to locate, analyze and facilitate the correction of vertebral subluxations for a full expression of the innate FORCES of the innate intelligence of the body. PERIOD.

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