Soul Life v. Innate Life


Soul life (if it exists and I personally believe it does) is a theological construct. Biological life is a physiological/metaphysical construct. The latter is a result of a principle (#20) the creation of innate intelligence in all living organisms called the Law of Life (Palmer). The former is a direct, real, but invisible act of God.

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  1. Tobias 09/27/2016, 11:01 am:

    Lovely distinction. I think that chiros have bern turned off on Innate ever since they learned that BJ maintained a personal conversation with his. Let us separate soul and innate, to allow a broad spectrum application of chiropracTIC

    • Joe Strauss 09/28/2016, 10:16 am:

      I agree Tobias. Even sadder is that some of the public has been turned off by chiropractors who have deified innate intelligence. Some years ago I had two ladies (born again Christians) come into my office having been to a (“good”) chiropractor. They could not reconcile their Christianity with what they were hearing as chiropractic philosophy.

  2. Claude Lessard 09/27/2016, 4:10 pm:

    This metaphysical construct begins with the assumption of our a-priori statement called the major premise which universal… and it is the start point of chiropractic. The major premise MUST be accepted by anyone WHO chooses to become a chiropractor. It is our common ground of being as a profession.

    • Joe Strauss 09/28/2016, 11:13 am:

      Claude, do you think a chiropractor could equate ui with God as the Law of organization (which BJ apparently did in his writings) and be an atheist?

      • Claude Lessard 09/28/2016, 11:36 am:


        Do you know of any chiropractor WHO chooses to be an Atheist?

        • Joe Strauss 09/28/2016, 12:11 pm:

          Yes, a very well known (and respected by many) practice building speaker, writer maintains he is an atheist.

        • Rich Story 10/01/2016, 11:12 pm:

          Of course… I’m sure there are a few of us around.

  3. Claude Lessard 09/28/2016, 2:38 pm:

    Therefore, if the major premise is seen for WHAT it is, the LAW of organization, (and nothing else), this chiropractor is a witness to the FACT that chiropractic is SEPARATE and DISTINCT from EVERYTHING else and is INCLUSIVE of EVERYONE! –

    – However, if a “chiropractor equates UI with God, as the Law of organization (which apparently BJ did in his writings)”, it would be impossible for an Atheist to be a chiropractor.

    • Joe Strauss 09/29/2016, 2:44 pm:

      Good use of deductive reasoning Claude!

    • Joe Strauss 09/30/2016, 2:11 pm:

      One good thing about the atheist(s) in our profession, at least they don’t confuse universal intelligence with God. But…then where do they think it comes from?

  4. Claude Lessard 09/30/2016, 5:59 pm:

    To observe the organization of the universe and accept universal intelligence as LAW does NOT necessitate to ask “where UI comes from”. Your question, and it is a good one, is a theological question. Theology, as you already know, is beyond the major premise. That’s WHAT is so AWESOME about chiropractic!!!! –


  5. David Suskin 09/30/2016, 6:54 pm:

    That we deduce PERFECTION from Universal Intelligence, to my understanding could be called an ASSUMPTION (by Observation, teleolological, cosmo, anthro, ontol… constructs, etc.. Yes, that’s why we call it UNIVERSAL Intelligence. This Perfection, that permeates this 100% into Innate Intelligence being Normal, Force being 100% created, etc. Would not Perfection crossover into this before P1 realm? Not that we have to address it, but that we imply it warrants asking the question: Why is Universal Intelligence PERFECT? How can man Know PERFECT when it is beyond his capacity to see it, understand it, determine it??
    I know Claude. The Authority of the 33Ps blah blah blah.
    Maybe as we imply intelligence from organization, we must also imply perfection from something greater than P1??

    • Claude Lessard 10/02/2016, 12:07 pm:

      It is me WHO chooses to accept the start point of chiropractic as the major premise. For ALL e/matter to be maintained in existence by universal intelligence as it CONTINUALLY gives to ALL e/matter its properties and actions… implies universal perfection. This perfection IS acknowledged at principle 5, since it presents the universe as COMPLETE (100%). From Merriam Webster, a simple definition of complete is: “to make (something) whole or PERFECT”. This completeness is consistent with the law of conservation of energy/matter which states that energy/matter is neither created nor destroyed. –

      – I do not wish to discuss the truth of those laws and their implications, buy ONLY their chiropractic values. I shall ASSUME a metaphysic which rest on the distinction between appearance and reality ( paradox 😉 ) and regard the latter as PERFECT. This principle of such metaphysical construct may be put in a nutshell: “A universal intelligence IS in ALL matter and CONTINUALLY gives to it ALL its properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence.” This UNIVERSAL major premise, that chiropractic appropriates itself as its start point, is a PERFECT foundational platform from which to use deductive reasoning with rational logic, to create the subsequent 32 principles of chiropractic basic’s science. –

      – Those 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science give rise to the chiropractic objective… which can be APPLIED to the practice of chiropractic by ALL chiropractors. –

      – IT IS AS SIMPLE AS THAT! Carry on… ADIO

    • Joe Strauss 10/02/2016, 5:38 pm:

      David, those who see ui as a law would see it as perfect because a perfect God cannot create anything imperfect.
      Further, ui as the Major Premise answers all our questions, sufficient for our understanding of the practice of chiropractic. It does not answer personal questions :theological and medical like
      1. Why am here?
      2. What’s my purpose?
      3. Where did the universe and it laws like ui and its(natural) laws come from?
      4. What is the source of P.# 1,#20,#17?
      5. Do I need medical care?
      1-4, theological #5, medical.
      BJ,RWS and many fine DC’s called ui God
      Reggie used theological explanations, that was an assumption. We cannot see or judge perfection or imperfection. We only deduce/assume imperfection in the nerve system when it is not expressing 100% life.

  6. David Suskin 10/02/2016, 8:56 pm:

    Does not “P27. The Normality of Innate Intelligence – Innate Intelligence is always normal and its function is always normal.” Imply Perfection?
    which is a deduction from P1.
    Does not “Innate awareness of every innate need” imply 100% intent of the thrust that drives the veracity of the 33Ps and That Life, that it exists from U matter to I matter to Man Implies not what our purpose Is but that WE HAVE A PURPOSE. I know what you’re saying Joe. Yet What we establish as our viewpoint or our perceptual paradigm comes from some bedrock within our Educated Int. It’s a point that allows for the greatest amount of personal congruency. That there IS a Big Idea starting with P1 and all it Impies, filters thru All the principles. Without perfection, aren’t the 33Ps subject to OI Reality which subjugates Choice, the WHO, The Chiropractic Objective to Mans whims and interpretations relegating the whole philosophy Null and Void.
    I always interact using my phone which really umpeads my thought process. Hope I’ve made some sense.
    Joe. I do understand your remarks
    Claude, I do understand your remarks.
    I don’t think you’re in agreement with each order.
    Boy I’d like to chew the fat with you both in person.
    Don’t worry. I’m not going to appear on your doorstep 😊
    Holiday night. Shana Tovah
    I’ll have more to say (duh)
    Getting closer. ADIO

    • Claude Lessard 10/02/2016, 9:06 pm:

      Principle 5 is sufficient for ALL chiropractors (believers and atheists) as regard to the perfection of universal intelligence. No one needs to go beyond chiropractic… into the theological realm. Chiropractic is INLUSIVE of EVERYONE… even your unbelieving dogs, cats, horses, etc. 😉

  7. Claude Lessard 10/02/2016, 9:09 pm:


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