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In Pennsylvania chiropractors were originally licensed as Drugless Physicians (circa. 1929) until 1951, when the Chiropractic Registration Act was created by the legislature to regulate chiropractic as a separate and distinct practice. Since then many chiropractors have sought and often succeeded in gaining the right to add what were once considered “drugless physicians” procedures to chiropractic, things like acupuncture, physical therapeutics and other therapies. If chiropractic were not different and unique there would have been no need to create a law governing the practice of chiropractic in 1951 and we would still be drugless physicians (by the way, those originally licensed as drugless physicians were still able to practice, although I doubt that any are alive or practicing today.They often took their CE credits with myself and other chiropractors). Unfortunately Today, many chiropractors practice some sort of drugless physician procedures but are not satisfied and desire to incorporate the use of pharmaceuticals. The law requiring diagnosis being taught at chiropractic colleges is merely the first step in attaining that objective, just as regulating guns is the first step in outlawing all guns and not allowing full term babies to be aborted is the first step in anti-abortion laws.
The next step for chiropractic will be a law requiring every practicing chiropractor to come to a medical diagnosis of a condition amenable to chiropractic care. States that have thus far unsuccessfully passed laws to give chiropractors the right to prescribe drugs are merely putting the “cart before the horse”. Once they pass laws requiring medical diagnosis by practicing chiropractors it will be logical to ask for pharmaceutical prescribing rights as did the osteopaths and easier to get the legislature to agree inasmuch as all the schools already require it by CCE mandate. “What fools we mortals be”.

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  1. William Hollensed 09/28/2016, 5:00 pm:

    Illinois still allows chiropractors to practice “medicine without the use of drugs or surgery”. I believe the “chiropractic” board in North Carolina does require diagnosis.

    • Joe Strauss 09/28/2016, 5:42 pm:

      Dr. Hollensed, thanks for that reminder. Apparently the state of IL. equates “medicine with the LAC of disease.

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