Traditional Chiropractic and Mixing


Traditional Chiropractic has historically and will always lead to mixing. There is no way you can mix anything with Objective Chiropractic. When you add anything to chiropractic no matter how good it is or appears to be, it is no longer practicing the (Objective of) Chiropractic. What those “add-ons” are, determines whether you are a Traditional Chiropractor (TC) or a Therapeutic Chiropractor (ThC).

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  1. Joe Donofrio 10/05/2016, 4:45 pm:

    That is exactly why the profession needs to define it self by Objective not by “methods used”. There is a straight objective (correct VS) AND a mixed objective( getting /keeping people well)…….Period,,,,,

    • William Hollensed 10/05/2016, 5:19 pm:

      This is right on but the issue is those who mix needing confidence in the correction to heal. Strangely when you use anything else in addition to the adjustment it gets the credit for the change.

      • Joe Strauss 10/06/2016, 12:05 pm:

        Dr. Hollensed,
        Don’t you think that anyone who truly understands and accepts the 33 Principles will not even have to understand the principle or mechanism or the ability, or “needing confidence in the correction (of vs)to heal”. Many times (actually every time) I did not KNOW whether my correction of the VS would enable a PM’s body to heal. Sometimes I even thought, ” There’s is no way this person’s body will heal!” I had to go back to what my friend since 1964, Joe Donofrio would say, “our objective is only to restore life,the expression of intelligence through matter (P.#2,#20)

        • William Hollensed 10/10/2016, 4:03 am:

          I could be cute and say I meant they need the confidence for them to heal. But you are right I did not clearly state that I meant they need to have confidence that only adjustments are needed

      • Glenn Allen 10/06/2016, 3:05 pm:

        Just an observation here. There is no “but”, it simply is “right” on. If the objective is the correction of V/S for no other reason than EVERYONE is better off without them than with them, then not even the correction of them should get credit for ANY changes that may present, because that would require “observation” of evidence, and that in and of itself is by definition a therapeutic approach.

  2. Claude Lessard 10/09/2016, 1:08 am:

    Glenn, Great OBSERVASION!!! šŸ˜‰

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