The purpose of the dialectic method of reasoning is resolution of disagreement through rational discussion, and, ultimately, the search for truth.
Dialectic materialism-the combining of the greatest good for the greatest number and its antithesis, the destruction of freedom e.g. Communism and socialism. People living under this system have to be willing to give up their freedom for a semblance of security. It was a refutation of Patrick Henry’s famous statement.
Dialectic religion- combining a religion of peace, Islam promising paradise and all that entails and its antithesis forcing the belief of a religion by threat of death or enslavement.
Dialectic chiropractic-combining the forcing of people into a predetermined mold-medicine and the antithesis, allowing the innate intelligence of the body to determine what is right for the individual. The synthesis is therapeutic chiropractic. The synthesis can only occur if people are willing to give up the freedom of innate living and be forced into a standard which medicine determines is normal/average.

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