Stupid Statements #4


Jesus was the first chiropractor-BJ Palmer
He suggested that Jesus’ “laying on of hands was a chiropractic adjustment”.
The above statements made at an early Lyceum prove that the most genius of people (and BJ was) can make stupid statements. I know from personal experience (not that I am in the genius category with BJ). According to Scripture Jesus used saliva and dust to make mud and heal a blind man. I guess that would make Him a mixer! BJ’s major problem was that he had difficulty in discerning the difference between natural and supernatural, between natural laws, one of which includes chiropractic and its principles, and spiritual acts (inexplicable by natural laws) which we call “miracles” and can only be done by a supernatural being. This caused BJ and many who followed him, even to this day, to confuse the supernatural Creator (God) with the natural created laws (ui/ii).

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  1. glenn 10/25/2016, 10:40 am:

    Similar to the way that BJ confused the “thot flash” (or intuition) with innate wisdom.

    • Joe Strauss 10/26/2016, 1:22 pm:

      That’s an important observation Glenn. We all make stupid statements at times. (I’ve probably made more than BJ) But when it leads to or creates incorrect philosophy that has far more detrimental effects. “Thot flashes” creates an incorrect understanding of the innate intelligence of the body, just as “chiropractic gets sick people well” has distorted the chiropractic objective. But both have and end at the same place.Lack of knowledge of truth. Thanks

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