The CCE as a Cartel?


We often refer to the Council on Chiropractic Education as a chiropractic cartel. While it is true that drug cartels, for example, have the bad side-effect of dealing in death and addiction, that is not their major purpose. A cartel’s purpose is to make money, to promote their own welfare. It is not to destroy anyone and everyone (especially those who already buy their product) but to encourage people to try their product. That necessitates a free society and open dialogue. Those (the CCE) who want to destroy or coerce people to use their “product” are not a cartel. They are called terrorists!

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  1. William Hollensed 10/24/2016, 2:54 pm:

    Evil cabal works for me. The intent from the beginning was to push the mixer/medical model on the profession. Palmer caved and started teaching physical therapy to equip their graduates. Now the so-called chiropractic colleges teach pharmacology. Muddying the water with therapeutics has clouded the message of chiropractic. By not embracing chiropractic as the “product” the profession now sells a cheap knock off of the original. Therapeutics and medicine have a place but not in chiropractic. You cannot sell a product you do not own and this is what CCE has done for the profession

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