Philosophy and Practice


Chiropractic philosophy demonstrates the most important aspect of chiropractic practice-coherence.

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  1. William Hollensed 10/28/2016, 3:11 pm:

    Some think OSC can be done by technicians. I have practiced and observed that you can be very proficient in the detection and correction of subluxation without complete understanding of philosophy. But once you understand the rational behind chiropractic and do adjustments with intent your effectiveness increases. It is unfortunate that when you lack coherence you do not know enough to miss it. With the demise of insurance true chiropractic will become a more attractive product more easily accepted by the public since there is no expectation of third party payment.

    • Joe Strauss 10/30/2016, 8:02 am:

      Great observation!

    • JJ Lob 11/01/2016, 12:28 pm:

      So true, the intent, that adjustment with that exrtra something.

      • Joe Strauss 11/02/2016, 2:00 pm:

        It seem to me that the “adjustment with that something extra” is really the intent with/of “nothing more, nothing less”.

  2. Richie Barone 11/02/2016, 4:07 pm:

    The only thing that keeps me in practice and excited after 38 yrs…..

  3. Rich Story 11/15/2016, 10:21 pm:

    An excellent article was published ten years ago in the Journal of Chiropractic Humanities by Brian McAulay, DC entitled: Rigor in the Philosophy of Chiropractic: Beyond Dismissivism in which Dr. McAulay describes the great divide concerning chiropractic philosophy and its 33 Principles and the need for an approach of critical reasoning and inquiry with the use of available methodological tools and scholarly activities to advance the understanding of the philosophy beyond the polemic that has continued since its beginning to the current time.

    He uses the 33 principles as a case study because they have been a source of conflict for decades with the profession’s polar approaches to the subject. Knowing Dr. McAulay as a fellow classmate, I believe he has the best interest of the profession and the public in mind in his analysis of what is a major stumbling block for the advancement of chiropractic, which is an outdated, unsupported philosophical position of a stagnant healthcare profession. It is worth a read for anyone who is not of the staunch “Authoritarian” position on the 33 Principles and would like to see the philosophy of chiropractic move into more sensible, knowledge based 21st century philosophical approach that just might make it more widely utilized by the public. A link to the paper follows.

    • Joe Strauss 11/18/2016, 1:13 pm:

      Rich, just what do you see as the “more sensible, knowledge based 21st century philosophical approach that just might make it more widely utilized by the public.” and how does that relate or not relate to the 33 principles? IOW which of those principles are/are not applicable and are a”stumbling block” to public acceptance?

  4. Claude Lessard 11/16/2016, 4:43 pm:

    Thank you Richard. It is an excellent article. Brian and I were practicing next to each other in the 80’s and we were giving combined lay lectures to the public at the Sheraton in Bucks County together.

  5. Tom Gregory 11/16/2016, 7:03 pm:

    Claude I have not forgotten about you my friend. As soon as I find the tapes of the talks you and Brian gave, and transfer them to cd, I will send it to you! 🙂

  6. David Suskin 11/17/2016, 11:44 pm:

    What does the statement “a knowledge based 21st century philosophical approach” actually mean?
    Sounds very oxymoronic to me.
    Surprised at the platitudes.

    • Rich Story 11/18/2016, 4:04 am:

      I suppose we have a common difference , yet I admit I understand nothing. We’ll just have to agree to disagree as we ramble on pretending to be expert realists on the theory of everything as we espoused our profound misunderstanding of how utterly unimportant our importance is.

      • William Hollensed 11/18/2016, 1:57 pm:

        You have been asked several times to define the statement “a knowledge based 21st century philosophical approach” actually mean?” And I am not finding anywhere you address the request. I am going to assume that since you have not you cannot. Your friend McAulay goes to great lengths to point out what he considers deficiencies in others logic and thought. I found his criticism of God for not expounding on the commandment “thou shalt not kill” to be particularly pompous. He does identify the problem in far too many words and with his own biases but his solution that the colleges, some of whom he has pointed out do not even teach philosophy, should be responsible to solve this is a little naive and short sighted. This is chiropractic and solutions are impossible based on ego and ignorance.

        • David Suskin 11/18/2016, 2:10 pm:

          And I thought I was the only one. Foolish (ignorant) me. Sure took long enough for some rebuttal or debate, though.
          I think it all come down to, does the universe have a purpose, even if it exhibits intelligence?

          • Claude Lessard 11/18/2016, 3:41 pm:

            Since purpose is a synonym of function (Merriam Webster), according to chiropractic’s basic’s science, the function (purpose) of the universe (e/matter) is to express force (pri13).;)

  7. Claude Lessard 11/18/2016, 4:01 pm:

    … and “force”, as we already deduced and concluded in past blogs, is INFORMATION! 😉

  8. David Suskin 11/18/2016, 5:51 pm:

    Purpose of matter? To express force. Purpose of force? To create union between intelligence and matter. Purpose of intelligence? To create force.
    Guess I have my back up against the wall now😂
    Purpose of the Triune? To maintain the existence of e/matter and life.
    Purpose of Life? To manifest the triune.
    The circle game? Is there more happening here?

  9. Claude 11/19/2016, 1:44 pm:

    Rather simple isn’t it when you follow the rational logic of the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science? Yet, it might be too simple for ego-centered educated intelligence using OIBU worldview. –

    – “IT IS AS SIMPLE AS THAT” BJ Palmer, D.C.

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