Loyalty to principle should always take precedence over loyalty to a man. As long as the man upholds the principle there is no problem. However occasionally a man will act or speak contrary to those principles and then there is a conflict. It is especially difficult when the man has established the principles. BJ had established the 33 principles that have nothing to do with disease, (medical conditions). The moment he said “chiropractic gets sick people well”, he came in conflict with the objective of the 33 principles and the philosophy that said, the innate intelligence of the body, what he called the Law of Life, gets sick people well.

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  1. David Suskin 11/02/2016, 2:34 pm:

    When you say: “the innate intelligence of the body, what he called the Law of Life, gets sick people well.” Is this not a fair and sound paradigm to illustrate chiropractic, that being a relationship between the public’s needs and the domain that chiropractic deals with and offers, a fuller expression of innate intelligence.
    Slippery slope yes, but to avoid the “health” discussion altogether, declaring the chiropractic IS NOT a health profession, shoots us in the foot, or at least the other foot, the one that didn’t slip. Or something like that 🙂

    • William Hollensed 11/02/2016, 3:57 pm:

      What the public needs is the full expression of life. What they perceive they need is either the treatment of disease or the elusive objective of wellness. Without education to the something better chiropractic can offer they will muddle along in medicine. We need to avoid the confusion created by the fact that when life is fully expressed a body often times allows the alleviation of symptoms. If a person comes to the chiropractor in ill health, gets correction and the full expression of life causes the body to heal they will understand there is a relationship without our need to depart from the principles and imply we caused it. I think there is an inexpressible feeling of “well being” when the body is free of interference that we all sense without it being named. This feeling of ease will innately cause a patient to seek chiropractic once they have experienced it. Is this congruent?

      • David Suskin 11/02/2016, 4:27 pm:

        Yes, It is congruent, but it is not popular. I am in total agreement. Education and viewpoint are critical are vital to understand Chiropractic. Need is an extremely driving force. I haven’t observed that people sense the need for the fullest expression of innate intelligence, That only comes when their values and what they are willing to pay for incorporates ADIO adherence. Need comes from in part the inside (IO), and also from educated (OI). To offer Chiropractic as a “means to have a fuller expression of innate intelligence of the body, what is called the Law of Life, gets sick people well, amongst all other expressions of force in living (NORMAL- the potential to get well, etc.) and non living matter (existence)

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