Objective Chiropractic


We are not creating a new profession or distorting the profession started by the Palmers. Objective chiropractic is just a reformation of the profession as BJ described it when he edited the 33 principles.

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  1. Claude Lessard 11/25/2016, 10:26 pm:

    Objective chiropractic is a RE-formation of the IN-formation of the 33 principles as BJ edited them back in 1927. Objective chiropractic is SEEING the 33 principles in their truths, as the foundational platform of chiropractic’s basic science. Science is no longer, nor should it ever have been, our enemy; instead quantum physics, biology, and other academic disciplines are revealing that science is our new and excellent partner, much better than philosophy ever was. For example, isotopes studies at John Hopkins University reveal that each breath that a person inhales, contains 10 to the power 22 physical atoms. Each breath that a person exhales contains also 10 to the power 22 physical atoms. That is an astronomical number of atoms in EVERY breath! Each of these atoms become parts of your body. Indeed, there is a universal intelligence in ALL e/matter maintaining ALL of its atoms in existence (pri.1). –

    – We must realize that “truth is one”. If something is philosophically true, it will also be true in the physical world, and all disciplines will somehow be looking at this “one truth” from different angles, goals, assumptions, and vocabulary. If we are really convinced that we have the BIG truth, then we should also be able to trust that others will see it from their different angles—or it is not the BIG truth. –

    – No one wants to be our enemy unless they assume that we ourselves have chosen to live in our own small tent and cannot or do not want to talk to them on their terms. Chiropractors have too often assumed ill will and been far too eager to create enemies instead of realizing that others often enjoyed very similar “good ideas” inside of different packaging. For example, Strauss posted on November 21, 2016: “No matter how much ability you have you are completely helpless in making an adjustment.” Similarly, you often hear from medical doctors, “We’ve done everything we could, now it’s in the hands of God”. Both OBSERVE “that same something” which is very humbling… from totally different angles. –

    – BIG truth is written in reality itself before it was ever written in books and edited into principles. If you say yes to reality, to “what is,” you will recognize the same truth when it shows itself in anyone’s textbooks. If you do not respond to the “rational, the true, and the logical” in daily reality, I doubt if you will ever see it in the green books of Palmer or the blue books of Strauss. If it is the truth, it is true all the time and everywhere, and sincere seekers of truth will take it from wherever it comes. If it is true, it is common domain, and “there for the mind to SEE in the things that are maintained in existence” (pri.1). If it’s true in chiropractic, it is always from the start point of the major premise. The important question is… “Is it true?” –

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