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The development TSC to OC: The ability to orient, analyze and adapt to change has been manifested by changing/evolving our objective from curing deafness(1895) to getting sick people well (circa 1905) to enabling greater expression of innate intelligence. (circa 1975) Getting sick people well was already the objective of medicine. Some maintain that OSC was a whole new profession. I agree. The issue is whether that “new” profession was embedded in the philosophy of BJ Palmer and unfortunately misunderstood in light of medical outside-in thinking of the time. In other words was BJ’s OSC profession mixed/misinterpreted as Traditional Chiropractic and if it was, whose fault was it?

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  1. Claude 11/29/2016, 1:25 pm:

    In 1973, Thom Gelardi and Reggie Gold SAW what chiropractic was and what chiropractic was not. Reggie observed that from an art point of view, technique mattered little to LACVS. Thom had a strong favoritism toward upper cervical technique. It was Joe D., from day one as first Chairman of the Board, WHO convinced him to include a “Sherman package” of full spine. Ultimately what really mattered was the principles forming the solid platform in chiropractic that had been observed by DD and BJ, given structure by the words of RWS and then edited by BJ “WHO” chose to write his letter of APPROVAL of Chiropractic Textbook in this way, “Of ALL the books written and compiled on Chiropractic Philosophy, this is by far the best, not excepting my own.” –

    – Then soon after, Joe Strauss came along to be an original founder of ADIO Institute of STRAIGHT Chiropractic to assist Sherman through SCASA in graduating Doctors of Chiropractic with government approved accreditation. At the same time, it was Joseph WHO chose to write his Blue Books in order to “move toward a better understanding of the philosophy of chiropractic.” –

    – It was Reggie, singlehandedly, WHO defined Straight Chiropractic. And it is due to the dedication and perseverance of the above chiropractors, and a few others, WHO chose to carry his message. Ultimately the chiropractic objective was refined and evolved to: “The location, analysis and correction of vertebral subluxations for a full expression of the innate FORCES of the innate intelligence of the body. PERIOD.” –

    – We must finally go back to the ultimate Chiropractic source for our “raison d’être”—the centrality of the TRIUNE itself. Yes, the universe is “one,” just as our major premise taught us, and yet the further, more subtle level of meaning is that this oneness is actually the radical union between three completely distinct “factors” of the TRIUNE. The basic fact and problem of “the separate, distinct and ALL inclusive” has been overcome in the very nature of the major premise. Principle 1 is relational, unitive and in its deepest form this relationship is maintaining ALL of the particles of e/matter in existence. The three factors, namely intelligence, force and matter are not uniform at all—but quite distinct—and yet completely united in mutual existence for infinite activities. The three factors of the TRIUNE (pri.4) are inter-relational. They are ALL involved with instructive information that is expressed by e/matter (pri. 13) and which manifests itself through the movements of atoms in e/matter (pri.14). The same can be said of the major premise and the 32 subsequent principles of chiropractic’s basic science, that they are ALL inter-relational… in order to maintain the integrity of the principle of coordination (principle. 32). –

    – We humans are not autonomous beings either; though we are seemingly separate, we are radically one, too, just as intelligence, information and e/matter are one. We really are comprised of the TRIUNE (pri.4), much more than we ever imagined as we are maintained in existence. The TRIUNE is our universal template for the nature of the major premise and for HOW to bridge unity and diversity at every level. –

    – We are not seeking some naïve “everything is one”; rather, we seek much more: the deeper “coordination of action (pri. 32) from the instructive information (force) which is given (pri. 1) us ALL to express” (pri. 10 and 13). We must study and work to maintain the integrity of the Principle of Coordination (pri. 32)—not an impossibility of “getting sick people well”, which was the tragic mistake of both the early notion of chiropractic and a later notion of traditional chiropractic. –

    – The uniting of intelligence and e/matter creates in us such a oneness that when it is truly seen, no person can separate themselves from the major premise and its subsequent 32 principles of chiropractic’s basic science. It is when, all of us together, WHO choose to study and attempt to disprove and collapse the 33 principles, without condemnation, that we can realize that there is a oneness and one particular cell of your body is all cells and all cells are in one cell, from innate intelligence’s point of view for the mutual benefit (pri. 23) of the body of a “living thing” (pri. 21). This is not some 21st century flabby fabrication. This is not mere optimism. This is the whole point; it was, indeed, supposed to usher in a “NEW” way of making our bodies WHOLE and it still can, and will. This is what objective chiropractic has to offer the world. Our job is not to discover it, but only to retrieve what has been discovered—and lost—and rediscovered again and again and again and again, in ALL chiropractors of ALL schools. –

    – Don’t settle for less than the truth of your calling as a chiropractor. Misunderstandings and misinterpretations are bound to occur. The educated intelligence, with which we are all familiar, is a small cramped place when compared with the spaciousness of the TRIUNE. Chiropractic’s basic science is the level that is not only at one within itself, with the philosophy, the art and the practice of our profession; it is at one with the world, and is INCLUSIVE of all others WHO share it as their world (which is EVERYONE, since we are, ALL OF US, maintained in existence). It is, therefore, one with the law of organization (pri.1).

  2. Art Rehe, D.C. 11/29/2016, 11:42 pm:

    Couild you explain what you have written..”In 1973 Thom….”

    I am not smart enough to be able to follow your writing. Is there a way to explain your ideas in less arcane language ?

    • Claude Lessard 11/30/2016, 1:35 pm:


      The first part is simply some historical facts about the development of TSC (traditional straight chiropractic) to OC (objective chiropractic). –

      The second part is a call, for ALL of us, to return to the source of the purpose of chiropractic. It goes this way: –

      – The TRIUNE of life (pri.4), with its 3 separate and distinct factors, is contained within the major premise (pri.1). The TRIUNE of life is the CENTER of the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science since it identifies the components of e/matter and how it’s existence is maintained. The major premise is the start point of chiropractic. –

      – Those two principles comprise and maintain the Principle of Coordination (pri.32). For the body of “living vertebrate” the Principle of Coordination is maintained in integrity through the chiropractic objective which is to “locate, analyze and correct VS for a full expression of the innate FORCES of the innate intelligence of the body. PERIOD”. The chiropractic objective is the rational and logical conclusion of the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science and is the end point of chiropractic. Since EVERYONE is maintained in existence, chiropractic is INCLUSIVE of EVERYONE in the world. –

      – Art I sincerely hope it simplifies and clarifies.

  3. Joe Donofrio 12/01/2016, 5:56 pm:

    Brilliant insights, good work Claude. I must admit that it took 5 readings and a few days of thought to appreciate. Thank you.

  4. Todd 12/02/2016, 3:52 pm:

    Thank you for posting Q & A #76 Joe.

    Thank you for your initial insights Claude.

    Thank you for asking for clarification Art.

    Thank you for the boil-down Claude.

    Great read. What a BIG IDEA! (and all else will follow…)

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