…is a “hard” (pre-wired/genetic material) response to a certain circumstance as long as the organism is living. As such it is a species specific response and will never change. The honeybee does a dance to tell other bees where pollen is. It is genetically (materially) created that way. It is not selfish, hence not a product of the innate intelligence of the body. An ant will perform a repetitive activity even if it fails because it is programmed that way. Instinct has no flexibility to it, it is a limitation of matter,programmed to act in a certain way under certain conditions. Innate intelligence on the other hand has the ability to be flexible (adapt) but within limitations of matter (P.#24).

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  1. David Suskin 12/01/2016, 11:07 pm:

    Aren’t instincts based on an intelligently designed (genetic) living functionality which reaches its inherent LOM?
    If I push your head under water, do you not intelligently try to survive?
    The instinct IS the LOM. The innate intelligence works within instincts limits to be modified. Some instincts bear their limits earlier within an adaptive living process.
    Isn’t harmonious action, the principal of coordination, the maintaining of matter in active organization, the adapting of universal forces and matter,
    the actualization of the triune as a living form, Innate Intelligence expressed as innate forces through innate matter as actions of instinct modified continuously by ii and educated int. Within the limits of LOM?

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