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Recently in response to a post on Instinct, a reader questioned whether my assertion that instinct was a function of the matter (a limitation as I suggested) and not a function of innate intelligence. It was a good question and deserves a comprehensive answer, one that needs more than just a short reply. It necessitate both an understanding of the of the Triune of Life and the separation/difference of its components.
E/matter cannot be created or destroyed.( we have the first law of thermodynamics and Claude’s addition to our chiropractic lexicon for those concepts). We must understand that a change from universal matter (cooked Brussel sprouts) to innate matter (flesh and blood) to energy occurs by the action of intelligence. But the first Brussel sprout was created out of nothing and is not a function of natural law or part of our chiropractic philosophy. It was a supernatural creation. Every Brussel sprout thereafter was “created” by the Perfection of the triune (P. #5) and as such is part of our chiropractic philosophy as well. “In the beginning God…after their kind…” Genesis 1: 1-12. When God created plants and animals, He placed within them certain genes as part of their matter, natural functions, supernaturally, that we describe in chiropractic philosophy as Principle #5 and the Bible describes as “after their kind”. It causes a Brussel Sprout seed to grow into a Brussel sprout not a tomato and grow toward the sun even if planted upside down and an animal to protect its young. See: http://chiropracticoutsidethebox.com/2014/09/01/species-intelligence-qa-49/ That is not selfish, only looking out for self, but innately acting in response to the natural/genetic material created and placed in it. Mankind has some of these natural created instincts of their matter and expressed by their innate intelligence as P.#5 So while the innate intelligence is responsible for the expression of instinct (it does not occur in non-living organisms), it cannot occur without the material/ genetic component. Innate intelligence is limited by L.O.M. P.# 24.

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  1. David Suskin 12/05/2016, 1:58 pm:

    So, any ordering, organization or reflection of an intelligent design (eg. the dna, the fact that we have parts (organs, chemical processes, etc.) that adhere to intelligent operations (with limitations (LOM)), ONLY have something to do with chiropractic philosophy by their MAINTENANCE of that active organization, Not their CREATION or process of creation (evolution, creationism, etc.). CREATION subjects (eg. evolution, creationism, etc.) is a totally different subject? NOT CHIROPRACTIC? Even though the design shows intelligence, that is a delving into Educated observations, etc. We have only ONE Education Observation (maybe 2), that being P1 and perhaps the observation that the nervous system has something to do with all of this and that the nervous system deals with coordination?

    An adjustment fulfills the P32, but where that leads is speculative?
    That the LIFE actualization (The Triune) only serves to Maintain (by deductive analysis), but it’s influence into the formation of the processes, which incidently do appear intelligent based, IS NOT A CHIROPRACTIC SUBJECT?

    • Joe Strauss 12/06/2016, 4:07 pm:

      David, do you find it interesting that Principle #1 only mentions the properties and actions of matter as it relates to its maintenance and not its creation as does intelligent design? How then did ui and God become synonymous?

      • David Suskin 12/07/2016, 7:58 am:

        I think that BJs needed to explain his aprior Major Premise experience, perhaps to further his fathers discovery, enlisting some greater intelligence that maintains the existence of matter and what is “living” as ui and ii, was at least in part, what drove him to equate God and ui. The A in ADIO, He could Not make the distinction between ui and that which creates it. In the same way I keep pushing my understanding of the 33 into realms of creation, where none is required, to answer my own unanswered quest to find out what the hell i am here for. What is all this life and existence of my self. You, and the universe here for. Where did I come from and where will we all be ~100years from now. To quell perhaps some primal fear. Fear of disconnect from life from love from source.
        What I am is what I see.
        It’s about control. It’s about surrender. It’s about educated intelligence. It’s a out LOM. It’s about emotional and mental maturity. It’s about responsibility. Its about clarity of thought. It’s about the WHO. It’s about transformation, if it ever happens. It’s about using ones free will. It’s about doing what is right. It’s about suffering and learning. It’s about discovery. It’s about love.

      • David Suskin 12/07/2016, 3:25 pm:

        In order to maintain something, isn’t it implicit to know the ways of it’s construction or at least strategies to preserve it within LOM.
        That active organization is maintained via ii, does not that invite ii’s awareness of the availability and the logical, physical design of the matter it maintains in that active organization. Is not that Organic, active organization illustrative of something compartmentally functional within its own necessary construct?
        Maybe we don’t talk of creation of matter, but perhaps the moment to moment reconstruction of it, down to it’s most vital mechanisms that function to do this “living” is implicit in the workings of ii.
        Therefore the potential for Transformation??

      • David Suskin 12/08/2016, 8:38 pm:

        It’s difficult to make distinctions within what is designated as metaphysical or intangible (ui, (god (might actually not be metaphysical as per judaic (g_d)?) without depending on their causal physical attributes, thus confusion. Stephenson identifies the 33P’s, lists P1 definitively, but embellishes it with creation of matter.
        The concept of organization representing intelligence, while effective, at least for me, does evoke a thin or weaker concept when applicable to invisible entities like atoms, etc. That ui maintains matter in existence, offers ui the “knowledge of what makes it, matter, to exist” in order to maintain it, through offering it’s properties and actions. What makes matter exist offers a concept at least to me of the whats and hows of creation. I know, it is not the same. It’s the intelligence side of the triune.
        Intelligence creates force, which unites int with matter, which expresses force.
        That Stephenson exposed a concept of creation on P1, when none exists, at least by word, suggests to me HIS difficulty in isolating god and ui. If he couldn’t, then how am I able to? If one does not have a definitive concept or faith in god, then one might just evoke this “need for faith” in something like ui to offer it more weight, more purpose.
        But I state clearly and accurately for myself, I do desire a Greater more magnanimous understanding of Universal Intelligence

        • Claude Lessard 12/09/2016, 2:07 am:


          Once again, I know that YOU know the answer to your question “then how am I able to?” Here are examples again and again and again and again…. –

          – Electrons are a type of subatomic particle of e/matter with a negative charge. You know that.-

          – Protons are a type of subatomic particle of e/matter with a positive charge. You know that. –

          – Protons are bound together in an atom’s nucleus as a result of universal instructive information (pri10). You know that. –

          – Neutrons are a type of subatomic particle of e/mater with no charge (they’re neutral). Like protons, neutrons are bound into the atom’s nucleus as a result of universal instructive information (pri10). You know that. –

          – The positive charge on a proton is equal in magnitude to the negative charge on an electron. As a result, a neutral atom must have an equal number of protons and electrons. You know that. –

          – So, a law of organization “universal intelligence” IS in ALL e/matter constantly configuring its electrons, protons, neutrons and their velocities, thus maintaining ALL of the subatomic particles of e/matter in existence. This is partly due to the fact that e/matter expresses instructive information “force” (pri13) created by the law of organization “universal intelligence” (pri8) and manifested by movement “motion” in e/matter (pri14). You know that. –

          – Now, I have a question for you: With all of what you already know, how can you say that Stephenson “embellishes” the major premise with the creation of e/matter? ALL of the subatomic particles of e/matter ALREADY exist and are MAINTAINED in existence by the law of organization through the configuration and velocities of the subatomic particles of e/matter… and YOU KNOW THAT! “A universal intelligence IS in all matter…” MATTER IS ALREADY CREATED IN THE MAJOR PREMISE. In other words, the law of organization has NOTHING to do with creation, and that is exactly what Joseph stated above and I quote: “…Principle #1 only mentions the properties and actions of matter as it relates to its maintenance…” –

          – The major premise is ASSUMED through observation and inductive reasoning of the organization of e/matter which bespeaks of a principle or a law. The major premise reveals a law at work in ALREADY existing e/matter… the law of organization maintaining e/matter in existence. But, you know that already! 😉

          • David Suskin 12/09/2016, 5:57 pm:

            Does ii direct the active organization of innate matter (e.g. DNA, cells, tissues, organs, systems)?
            I would say since these structural and chemical parts can only occur in living tissue (embryology), they are organized, yes they adhere to physical mechanisms but life (triune) directs its formation and uses it to support the 5 signs.
            Can a nerve support that much information?
            When I adjust someone, it’s challenging to me to see, to hold onto the big idea when essentially I’m toggling on a spinal column.

    • Claude Lessard 12/06/2016, 4:47 pm:

      David, –

      – I know that YOU know the answers to your questions since you’ve been on this blog for quite a while. We keep repeating over and over and over again the same story. I will do it one more time in a another creative way from my iPhone. –

      – The start point of chiropractic is the major premise (you know that). “A universal intelligence (law of organization) IS (already created) in ALL e/matter (you know that too)… The “creation” of universal intelligence is waaaayyyy beyond the major premise (you know that too)… –

      – Perhaps you forget tat even though the interference (VS) with innate FORCES is within e/matter between brain cell and tissue cell, chiropractic is ONLY about the integrity of EXPRESSION of second component of the TRIUNE (metaphysical information). The fact that VS has 3 physical coponents and 1 metaphysical component does NOT change that it is ONLY the second factor of the TRIUNE that chiropractic is interested in. Chiropractic is NOT about intelligence. Chiropractic is NOT about e/matter. Chiropractic IS about FORCE which is instructive information (please recall BJ’s pun). 😉 That’s the main reason WHY chiropractic is SEPRATE and DISTINCT!!!

      – It is the practice of the chiropractic objective that has to deal with VS in order so that chiropractic DOES what it says it DOES!

      • David Suskin 12/06/2016, 5:51 pm:

        This is an ADIO vs OIBU conundrum.
        Chiropractic is part of ADIO.
        ADIO identifies or suggests a window into Truth, with ui and ii identified as a source of perfection, reigning supreme over ei. Educated intelligence bears the OI observations and massive collections of factual information(s) to be used by man constructively and/or destructively.
        We speak of the ADIO viewpoint. We speak of ii RUNNING the body, a body designed to be RUN by ii. The ii provides the signs of life, particularly adaptation, and acts to maintain active organization and adapt universal forces and matter, thru coordinating parts of the body.
        THE FULFILLMENT OF ITS OFFICES AND PURPOSES, ALLOWING MUTUAL BENEFIT, these office and purposes are INHERENT IN THE STRUCTURE AND DESIGN OF THE PARTS. The design! So Chiropractic Philosophy does POINT to Matter having some cooperation in innate intelligences fulfillment of it’s mission of active organization.
        I understand Claude, usually at least. Many times you take this philosophy down to the molecule. The molecule is an expression of ui thru matter. I understand, but if this matter is organized to provide function for LIFE (“living”)(signs of life to occur) >> then isn’t the matter, the structure, the existing of matter, to operate under ii control, isn’t that PART of what the philosophy suggests?

        What does the maximum expression of innate forces truly provide that is monumentally NEEDED, REQUIRED, beyond the Matter of the body, that exudes ITS OWN FORM OF INTELLIGENCE, IN DESIGN?
        Sometimes I think, at least I, but I believe we all, MIX apples of one intelligence concept with other intelligence concepts with needs with wants with what is truly important or perhaps not important at all.
        Maybe Chiropractic in it’ essence does NOT provide very much?

        • Claude Lessard 12/06/2016, 6:32 pm:


          You asked: “What does the maximum expression of innate forces truly provide that is monumentally NEEDED, REQUIRED, beyond the Matter of the body, that exudes ITS OWN FORM OF INTELLIGENCE, IN DESIGN?” The answer is: Instructive information from the law of ACTIVE organization WITHOUT interference. The REST… will follow (whatever that is). “This is the BIGGEST idea that I know of”… also.

  2. David Suskin 12/06/2016, 8:32 pm:

    Couldn’t the Biggest Idea BE, that Man’s Educated Intelligence has been able to solve problems and create technologies in living, building, automation, machine development, eating, travelling, disease control, exploration, human expression, human communication, The Human Mind!
    Without that we’d be living in a cave, in the dirt!
    OK OK, I won’t be so heavy!
    So if I were to tell someone: “The Chiropractic Adjustment offers you: Instructive information from the law of ACTIVE organization WITHOUT interference, what does THAT translate too, NOT INCLUDING the other side of the coin BEING The Design and Machinery of MATTER and what that allows, because We Don’t Talk about MATTER. Period!
    Seriously. I’m not so unique. Perhaps and old dog trying to learn new tricks (LOM) I should say LOL :). People basically ONLY CARE ABOUT THE MATTER! or I’m just not getting IT at my CORE or I waffle. You see, I know. Joe S has a theological core that bridges his LOM. He sees clearly (for him), and where he does not, his core provides him solace (Could be wrong – Don’t mean to assume).
    To Joe’s Point. He said: ” How then did ui and God become synonymous?” IT WAS A HUMAN NEED TO ANSWER QUESTIONS, TO HAVE A FRAMEWORK TO LIVE WITHIN. ui amalgymated to god filled some cracks. For those who see Chiropractic as a Therapy (Mechanical), it fulfills their need to be an MD, or to render a tangible result, to make $$$. Something.
    For me? 🙂

    • Claude Lessard 12/07/2016, 3:24 pm:


      So, this is your philosophy to desire to promote your educated intelligence as a “Biggest Idea”. You called that a “HUMAN NEED”. It seems to be an ego driven need to promote the supremacy of educated intelligence and the OIBU viewpoint.

  3. David Suskin 12/07/2016, 3:34 pm:

    Educated intelligence functions for SURVIVAL. To provide what LOM has Limited.
    It has for me.
    I understand Educated intelligence, as an organ to survive with external invasive forces (weather, clothing, food gathering, heat, home, nurturing, etc.)
    But when it becomes a requirement due to lets say UNatural insufficiency (judgement yes).
    Point is, How to congruently live within our ADIO/OIBU realities conflicting with each other. Thus MIXING. Why most take a polarity, unless something else fulfills the opposing viewpoint (eg. religious, scientist, MD worshipper, Anarchist :), Guru 🙂

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