OSC and Mixing


If we recognize there is a place for the practice of medicine (and we do), we should also recognize a place for mixing. It is just not in a/OUR chiropractic place.

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  1. JJ Lob 12/09/2016, 8:02 am:

    Definitely, but there is a major ambiguity in using the same activity name. Both sides cling to their root; untill we have found a way to split, there will be conflict. Reggie did it with Spinology, but few followed as they saw it as downgrading the standard; do we have an ego problem?

  2. Tobias 12/09/2016, 9:45 am:

    Always brilliant Dr. Strauss. It is high time that we grow up as a profession and allow a broad spectrum approach to chiropractic care.
    Let us be inclusive and mutually respectful..
    The ONLY moral obligation that we have is being true to our own values, and honor those of others-especially within our own profession.

  3. KAD, D.C. 12/11/2016, 9:19 pm:

    Clarity is power.These short ‘articles’ are plagued with ambiguities, by design I suppose (it is not a question of Who is right so much as What is right); if we allow ourselves to grow individually, regardless of the glory/pain or even if “the profession” ( whatever that is suppose to mean) approves; Chiropractic as a philosophy, science & art will ultimately prevail- simply because it is true.
    It is as simple as that.

    • Joe Strauss 12/12/2016, 3:44 pm:

      KAD,D.C., “what is right” in your opinion and what do you base that upon.Second, How are these “short articles” ambiguous and on the basis of what beside your opinion? Third, is the fact that”clarity is power” just your opinion or have you been given some supernatural revelation and lastly how do you know that ” Chiropractic as a philosophy, science & art will ultimately prevail- simply because it is true”….”(whatever that is supposed to mean)”?

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