Vertebral Subluxation and Disease


I’m not terribly happy with using the word diagnosis to describe the vertebral subluxation as some states do:
1. It gives the impression that VS is just another disease.
2. The medical community would dispute it or say what they have been charging for 120 years, that we are practicing medicine (the diagnosis and treatment of disease) without a (medical) license.
3. Diagnosis means “to know thoroughly” which necessitates the ability to distinguish one disease from another.
4. It supports the argument of the therapeutically minded aspect of our profession, that chiropractic addresses disease and that we must distinguish whether it is the disease called “subluxation” or another one.

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  1. Holly 12/26/2016, 10:19 pm:

    Great comment. I totally agree. I own chiropractic clinic in Charlotte NC, and have quite a few of patients and am always looking to help my patients understand the importance of subluxation. Great viewpoint. Enjoy this blog as well.

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