BJ and Licensure Q&A # 77


Why were many chiropractors, B.J. included initially against the idea of licensure for chiropractors and why did they change their minds?

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  1. Tom 01/03/2017, 9:24 pm:

    Perhaps for the same reason Reggie did not seek to have Spinologists licensed. To do so would allow those who do the licensure to be in charge of the educational program, telling the educational institutes what they must, can and cannot teach. We see how that’s worked out in the Chiropractic profession now teaching what…teaching 3+ years of medicine and maybe, MAYBE, 6 or less months of chiropractic! And it’s only getting worse.

    • Joe Strauss 01/04/2017, 12:57 pm:

      Licensure restricts your freedom, being controlled by a bureaucracy. It was originally done to limit/restrict chiropractors from getting into the practice of medicine. As you so correctly observe “We see how that’s worked out in the Chiropractic profession….”The problem occurs when the wrong people get control of the bureaucracy. Reggie’s problem was the freedom that Spinologists had, prevented him from having sufficient control of spinology. Both problems (chiropractic’s and Reg’s )say something about the the nature of human beings. “Following the lines of least resistance….” I think Reggie finally realized it and went back to chiropractic in an effort to reach those few who could/would grasp the Big Idea of Tic.

      • Glenn Allen 01/04/2017, 3:47 pm:

        Just for the record, Reggie originally had total control over all Spinologists. As a member of the board, I saw first hand how Reggie was able to use that power to force Spinologists to either change what they were doing in the name of Spinology, or turn in their credentials and never again be allowed to practice as Spinologists. The problem came when Reggie let his attention wander into areas that took up too much of his time, and he lost perspective of what was important for Spinology. He bad mouthed Chiropractors, Straight and Non- Straight, all throughout the history of Spinology, and when he realized that he was losing favor with the Chiropractors, he started handing out Spinology degrees to any Chiropractor who wanted one. Although he was losing control of Spinologists in the process, it was the Chiropractors whom he gave Spinology degrees to, that did the most damage to the new profession that he swore they would not be allowed to touch, and thereby do the same type of damage that they did to Chiropractic. I agree with both comments about licensure, but Reggie’s reasons for going back into Chiropractic were very different from what many have allowed themselves to believe. This comment is not meant to minimize the great things that Reggie did on behalf of Chiropractic, but is a short attempt to set the record “Straight”. There is always more behind every story than most people are ever privy to.

        • Joe Strauss 01/06/2017, 1:02 am:

          Thanks Glenn. You were obviously more privy to much of Spinology than the rest of us.

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