Traditional (Straight) Chiropractic


TSCors justify the action of diagnosis because they believe the purpose of chiropractic is to get sick people well.

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  1. Joe Donofrio 01/06/2017, 6:11 pm:

    What you say is true, thus these folks are not “Straight” by objective, but only by “methods”. Your error when you identified them as “traditional straights”.

    • Joe Strauss 01/06/2017, 10:21 pm:

      That was the only way that chiropractic was defined (“by hand only”) until we began to define it by objective in the mid-70’s. When you and I were in school, 1967, we were still using BJ/RWS’s definition which many “traditional” chiropractors are still using today. The sad part is that OSCors are still identified with them today. Are you saying BJ was a “method straight” rather than an “objective straight”?

      • Joe Donofrio 01/09/2017, 5:57 pm:


  2. Claude Lessard 01/10/2017, 4:14 am:

    In 1895, DD thought he’d found the cure for deafness. In1896 he thought he found the cure of many ailments. DD’s objective was the medical objective with a different method called chiropractic. DD was a “method straight” practicing the medical objective. BJ was ALWAYS about getting the “sick well” with the NEW method called chiropractic. BJ’s objective was the medical objective. BJ was a “method straight” practicing the medical objective. WHY? DD and BJ, in their lifetime, NEVER knew the chiropractic objective. They NEVER saw it! –

    – Like it or not, their evolutionary consciousness had evolved as much as it did and they were very much ahead of their time… just NOT enough to formulate the chiropractic objective revealed from the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science. –

    – Their legacy (and we stand on their shoulders) is that in 1975, Reggie, singlehandedly “saw” that people were better off without vertebral subluxations REGARDLESS of anything. It was the beginning of a NEW revelation that came about 5 years ago on this blog… that the chiropractic objective was the conclusion of the 33 principles of chiropractic’s basic science. –

    – ALL is well and every manner of things are well. Together, without condemnation, we can understand that we participate in the great chain of chiropractic’sy evolutionary process. Many will come after us showing that “our time” was as limited as DD’s, BJ’s and Reggie’s were. –

    – We live in exciting times! The future is FULL of NEW!!! šŸ˜‰

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