The Chiropractic Big Lie-Part 2


When I first posted the above, a chiropractor wrote asking if I would relate the rest of the article which he apparently could not see/read. That was because there was no more than that one statement. I failed to respond to his comment/question,explaining no more was written. I recently came across his comment and an unrelated comment written by another on the same subject which I also failed to respond to. Hopefully this post will clear up both. I realize now that there was more that could be said in clarifying the original thought. So with thanks to Glenn I submit the following: Chiropractic gets sick people well-NOT Any believable lie must have an element of truth in it in order to make it believable and a partial truth is not the truth. The Chiropractic Lie has some of those elements.


    It undermines the idea that the innate intelligence of the body gets people well not chiropractic or the chiropractor.

      That was something that DD realized (I think/hope) shortly after.He understood that his adjustment did not cure deafness.

        It promotes the idea that something other than the innate intelligence of the body gets sick people well.

      It began by adding drugless procedures under the guise of “things natural” progressed to all things natural, to heat, cold and electricity, to botanicals, to drugs.


        It encouraged/allowed other procedures to be added to chiropractic (personally or by legislation) and conclude that they are chiropractic and are getting sick people well.


        It confused/distorted what getting sick people well meant.

      5. It is used by chiropractors to redefine “getting well”

        Only the innate intelligence gets a person well. The adjustment ONLY removes an interference to the forces of the innate intelligence and enables the innate intelligence to be expressed better and within LOM get well. “Chiropractic gets sick people well” is at best a partial truth.

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  1. len Edwards 02/01/2017, 5:26 pm:

    I believe the bodies abiltiy to recognize what is wrong, the Chiropractors ability to ‘PUT” the nervous system into action, innate will do the rest.

    • Joe Strauss 02/02/2017, 3:45 pm:

      Dr, Edwards,
      The problem with what you say has two limitations that must be considered:
      1.The bodies limitations of time and matter (P#6 and P#24).The innate intelligence knows immediately “what is wrong”. Unfortunately, as Reggie use to say, “it would be nice if we had a little light bulb on our forehead that would light up and say ’tilt’ when we are subluxated but we don’t.” Further the body’s incorrect function usually begins microscopically and by the time it is evident (by research) it may be too late.
      2.The chiropractor’s (or MD’s) limitation in recognizing what the innate intelligence has established “is wrong”.
      That’s why regular checking for vertebral subluxation by a chiropractor is the best approach and our only objective.

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